Please Help Me Find a Saline Eye Wash/Drops/Etc for My Dog

My ginormous dog tends to get allergy eyes. It probably wouldn’t be as bad if he’d stop going up to flowers, sticking his face in them, and then inhaling. :smack: Silly puppy! His vet recommended saline eye drops (made for people) to clean out his eyes. He specifically said just saline, no/limited other chemicals.

I have been tasked with this mighty quest and have failed miserably. I seem to remember there being, and have read of people using a saline only product for their eyes, but such a product eludes me.

Homemade products are not an option (I’ve found recipes). I’m looking to purchase from a place like, Walgreens or CVS. My SO who adores Amazon isn’t interested in purchasing from there because well, its our dogs sight.

Thanks for any help!

I did get a giggle asking the pup if he thought the “Computer Eye Relief Eye Drops” would help and he gave me a look like I was nuts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Apologies if doesn’t make sense, fighting a bug and other stuff, the things we do for our beloved pets. :wink:

You can get a saline solution at any drugstore/Walgreens/CVS whatever. Look in the section where there’s contact lens stuff.

There is also a pet version available at Petco. I bought it there for my dog. I think he’s allergic to my cat. Unfortunately I can’t find it to give you the brand name, but the brand name for the people variety is Boston (there are other brands, and probably a generic version, but this is what I have right now).

It apparently does not keep forever so there’s no point getting a vat of it if you’re not using a lot.

PS: Our dog was not wild about having eye drops. So we basically saturated a washcloth and dabbed at his eye, squeezing the stuff in while pretending to wash his face.

We use Cendo Lyteers for our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, as directed by our vet – but I have no idea what countries that is available in.

Getting the dog to accept the drops was fairly easy (although his breed is very easy-going, so that might help). I trained him by picking up the eyedrops in one hand and his treat bag in the other, and saying “Drop…Treat!..Drop…Treat!” while shaking the relevant hand as I announced each item. Then a stern command to “sit!” followed by a quick administration of the drops followed by the heaven that is a dog treat. He’s practically too dumb to live, but even he quickly cottoned on to the idea that tolerating eyedrops leads to a reward.

Not the whole washcloth! A tiny corner of the washcloth. I feel I should make that clear.

Espree Optiguard Eyewash.