Please help me find this opinion by Justice Souter

I watched a very engaging program on the oxymoronically-named Book-TV this weekend on a biography of associate Supreme Court justice David Souter. In the course of this program, a speaker referred to what he considered an extraordinarily well-reasoned opinion by justice Souter regarding one of the recent Ten Commandment cases.

Since “well-reasoned” is not a useful Google search term, I would like to ask any of those who recognize this description to provide a link for me. I would like to read this opinion.
Thank you.

Probably McCreary County v. ACLU, 545 US ___ (2005).

I don’t vouch for the reasoning, well- or otherwise, but he wrote McCreary County v. ACLU this past year.


Two minutes faster, and a link.

Ah, the world belongs to the young.