Please help me find this short story.

Well, I’ve tried google searching, but to no avail. I believe I read it in one of the Norton critical editions.

It is about 20-30 pages long IIRC, it is about a young man who wants to be a mechanic. His father is an academic(or some similar professional). The parents are divorced and the son lives with his mother I believe. The father is very concerned with his son’s future, and does not understand his son’s values; and the son does not have the same concern for higher social status that the father does. They go to a trade school for car mechanics at one point. In the end, the father, who after being reprimanded one of his friends for his lack of understanding of his son, begins to reexamine his own values. Does anyone have any idea which edition this was in? I believe “me and Mrs. Mandible” by Donald Barthelme was also in this edition but I could be getting my editions mixed up; I read it approximately 7 years ago.