Please help me get to sleep

I have suffered for 10+ years with sleep. In elementary school, I’d go to bed at 8 or so, but stay awake (in th edark, waiting to go to sleep) for hours at a time. Now as a sophomore, I find myself wide awake at 11:30 or 12:00 and comatose at 7AM. During the summer, I stay up 'till 2 or 3, and sleep in 'till at least noon. I’m really suffering with 6 hours a night, 5 nights a week, and it’s hurting my grades. Tonight, I’m trying my mom’s recipie for sleep - milk and cookies. I’m starting to feel drowsy, but I have a little more homework to do. Please, whatever you do to fall asleep, tell me! I’m desperate (obviously)
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Try melatonin. Two or three pills. Completely harmless, and helps make you drowsy.

Christ, what an imagination I’ve got…

Masterbating works as well, although I don’t know if you’re into that.

Melatoin washed down with milk and cookies followed by rigorous masterbation.

Oops! Someone beat me to it.

Well, melatonin doesn’t help me much, because I’m basically at an age where I’m producing as much melatonin as anyone, and I’ve tried it and it doesn’t really help me much. As for that other thing, I know it’s supposed to get you right to sleep, but if I do that, 2/3 of the time, it keeps me up. Really.
Maybe this will be an advantage later…?
**NOTE TO MY PARENTS: What the hell are you doing here?

Yes, I seem to be having trouble controlling THE VOLUME OF MY VOICE!
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Papabear, that wasn’t a pun, was it?

Yes, I seem to be having trouble controlling THE VOLUME OF MY VOICE!
–Austin Powers

Sanibelman, your beef should be with your school district. Research shows ( you have to find it yourself ) that your sleep cycles are appropriate for your age. Up late, rise late is correct for teenagers.

As for choking the chicken, that’s also normal for your age ( mine too ).


Do you mean, it’s normal to flog the dolphin (Florida) or for that to keep you awake?

OK, important safety tip. Take the milk and cookies off your belly before spanking the monkey.

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I sometimes use valerian root to help me sleep. It smells really nasty but I use the gelatine capsules, so I don’t have to find out what it tastes like.

Skip the milk. If you’re taking any sort of medication, milk will act as a buffer and slow absorption. This is why you should always give milk to a child (or anyone for that matter) who has swallowed house hold cleansers.

It’s your natural (can’t remember the word) rhythm, my friend. I’ve been that way all my life (54 yrs). I know only three solutions;
1: Go to night school
2: Get a night job
3: Suffer
Our shared problem can be blamed on the freakin’ farmers. :slight_smile:

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I have to get up at 5:30am tomorrow. Stupid farmers!

I agree with acknowledging the obvious. I am one of those people who tried desperately to live my life according to the world’s generally accepted timetable, but it’s folly. And I suffered terribly through university. I now have a night job and I might be out of sync with the rest of the world but I am happy and healthy and cheerful and alert and well rested. I finally gave up the battle when I realised that it didn’t matter how much sleep I had, I just wasn’t as sharp in the early morning. And no matter how tired or sleep deprived I was, once the sun went down, I was on my game, alert and energetic. Remember sleep deprivation is actually a very effective form of torture.

Well, this piece of advice is too late for you this year, but… Don’t
stay up late in the summer!   If you get up at the same time
each day all year round, you will eventually adjust to it, although, you
may not like it.
Getting to sleep:
[ul][li]Don’t go to bed too early.  If you’re getting up at 7 am, then go[/li]to bed at 10 pm, not 8 pm.
[li]About an hour before beddy-byes, start preparing yourself with the same[/li]ritual every night.  This includes:
[list][li]lower the lights[/li][li]shut off the TV[/li][li]turn music down, make it mellow[/li][li]relax, do slow stretches[/li][li]put on your jammies[/ul][/li]
[li]Don’t nap during the day (at least not until you’re sleeping at night at[/li]the right times first)
[li]Have some reading ready that you can do in bed.  This will keep you[/li]from trying too hard to sleep, which only brings anxiety. 
Make the reading something that you’re interested in, but no problem for
you to put down when you’re drowsy.  (In other words, don’t read an
exciting I must finish this novel tonight! book.)  Magazines
with their short articles and popular science books work for me.
[li]Eating soon before bedtime is a bad idea (if you do eat, it should be 1[/li]1/2 to 2 hours before bed time).  Bed time eating can lead to indigestion
and reflux (heartburn).   The rise in blood sugars can actually
stimulate you.
[li]Try to resolve this without restort to medications.  If you do need[/li]something to get you over a hump (not for long term use), the melatonin
or an antihistamine (like benadryl) will help a bit.[/list]
Getting up:
[ul][li]You may need to be awakened gently.  An alarm clock with a snooze[/li]button can bring you out of a deep sleep and give you time to adjust to
a lighter sleep.
[li]Usually, you’ll have to run to the bathroom between snoozes – drink lots[/li]of water right away as soon as you can.  The dehydration of a night’s
sleep makes you feel like going back to sleep.
[li]Buy timer switches that will have your radio and lights go on 15 minutes[/li]into your snooze-buttoning – again, that will keep you at a lighter sleep,
and easier to finally get out of bed.
[li]But don’t let the snooze lull you into hitting it for an hour.  After[/li]three hits (27 - 30) minutes you should get up.  So…
[li]Have a second, loud, non-snooze alarm across the room go off 30 minutes[/li]after the first alarm.  You must get up with that clock.[/ul]

Hope this helps.


Lucky I’m up to answer this.

If you can’t avoid having to get up in the morning, try developing different strategies for going to sleep. I find that a single solution seldom works every time - I have a variety of techniques, if one doesn’t work, I can try another.

Some suggestions:
Read a boring book - something long-winded or technical does it for me. It is not recommended you use textbooks to put yourself to sleep, especially if you’re in school.

Have a VCR? Try an old movie with the sound fairly low - avoid movies with sudden screams or train whistles.

Books on tape can be very soothing - again, this works even better if you have a boring book.

Count your breaths - close your eyes and focus on your breathing. This is good for distracting your conscious brain and letting the unconscious sneak up and take over.

If all else fails - antihistamines. They make you drowsy enough to drop off to sleep, with no side effects - at least none that have been reported.

OK, it’s my fault, get over it.
Stop drinking soda with caffeine about 5 hours before going to sleep.
I’ve always got away with 5.5-6 hours of sleep. Went to bed last night at 9:30 (halftime SU-Toledo, GO ORANGE) and got up this morn. at 2:45.
Wind down before going to sleep. I know it’s tough to find a half hour or so some nights before bedtime but it works. Reading, listening to music, etc, getting into a routine is essential.(I liked the suggestion about getting up the same times year round). Right before bed I put a couple of tapes in the player so that the first hour soft music is playing (This week it’s Sarah McLachlan’s “Solace” & “Fumbling…”. I’ve found Classical and Waltzes work well too, and bring about great dream sequences as well.

In my job I was constantly changing shifts every six months. Days, swings, graves over and over a horrible cycle to try to get used to. I heartily agree with moriah go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time seven days a week. If you are having trouble falling asleep don’t reward yourself (don’t watch TV, snack, stay off the computer) lay there and suffer. Teach your body to sleep when you want it too not the other way around.

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This is the technique I use when I’m having trouble falling asleep. It takes a little practice, but I now find it very effective…

Go to bed, get as relaxed as possible, and find a comfortable position. Lie completely still and, beginning with the tips of your toes, try to completely relax your body. Imagine that the section you are concentrating on is very warm and heavy. Taking your time, slowly move up the legs as you feel each part becoming as relaxed as possible.

I can’t remember making it past the knees before falling asleep.

Hope this helps!