Please help me - I can't remember the title of this movie...

All I recall is that it was set in Ireland (I think) and was about a group of musicians who formed a band and became popular (mostly as a bar band and mostly doing covers, I think). The cover that I remember most distinctly was “Mustang Sally”. I think the movie was released in the 1980’s and I believe that it was contemporary (but I’m not certain about either of those).

I want to say the title was “The _________” (where _______ was the name of the band).

I’m at a loss… can anyone help?


Was it The Commitments?

It sounds like The Commitments.

Hahahahahaha!!! Now I’ve got TWO correct answers to CS questions under my belt! Two in a row! Yea, me!! I rule!!

I know, I know.

Going now.

Just wanted to chime in with “Yes, it definately is The Commitments. No question.”

Yep. Roddy Doyle’s Dublin trilogy. Alan Parker directed that film. He (perhaps wisely) changed the “N”-word to “blacks.” in one of the films notable moments where the band questions performing soul music.

Thank Buddha!!!

You’ve now allowed three grown men to go about their daily business! (I had two friends on this as we’ll - one says that it is “one of his favorite movies” but he couldn’t recall the name

Thanks so much - I just knew that you guys would come through! Now I have to see if it’s available on DVD…