Please help me ID these So. Calif. mountain filming locations

Below is a link to a group of screenshots from a TV show from the mid 1970s. I know for a fact that these locales are most likely in and around the Angeles National Forest area in southern California; likely, but not 100% positive. If anyone could take a gander at these shots and see if they can give me a more detailed idea of where these locations are (i.e. what town or lake they might be near) I would appreciate it. I know it’s hard to ID a locale just by looking at a picture of it but I wanted to give it a shot. Thanks in advance!

Huh. The ad at the bottom of the page is for Big Bear Lake, which is what I thought the photos look like. I’m really not sure though - but it’s funny Google agrees with my guess.

I would guess the Frazer Park/ Tajon Ranch area, most likely Tajon Ranch. It has been the site of numerous TV shows and movies over the years.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the Angeles National Forest and the nearby San Berdoos (Big Bear, etc.) and those pics just don’t strike any level of recognition with me. The hills seem too “rolling” for those ranges.

Do you know the name of the TV show?

Opps, I made a mistake in spelling, it should read Tejon Ranch.

The screengrabs are from “The Waltons.” IMDB names the Angeles National Forest as a filming location for the show.

Shot 7 looks like it’s the foothills East of the Azusa/Glendora area, where I go running. The other shots don’t look familiar though.

I really know the answer to this. I have camped there.

It is north of Big Bear in the San Bernardino Mountains. It is at Holcolm Valley.

Without looking too much here is a picture I found

It used to be a huge mining town and was actually one of the front runners for becoming the state capital. But then gold ran out and the people moved out, so now it is a really pretty place to visit. The camp grounds have no water.

deb2world, I think you nailed it! Thanks very much.

Woot! I win a Million Dollars! My days of being a free spirit not care if I bathe during an outing is finally paying off.

So are you going to go camping there? Cause I would recommend the trip. I even think there are tours thru this one room shack that is all that is left of those gold days gone by. Last time I was in the area, there were still gold prospectors looking for their fortune (ok that was like mid-'80s)