Please help me identify this Lovecraftian story

A question asked by a client is really nagging at me. I know I have read the story that he’s looking for, and I think it may have been written by one of H.P. Lovecraft’s cronies or disciples, but I can’t nail this down. I am thinking Clark Ashton Smith, Frank Belknap Long, one of those guys with three names. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the client’s description of the story:

The story is told from the perspective of a blind English man whose friend has happened upon an ancient Egyptian tomb. In doing so the friend unleashed a creature which is tracking him. The friend must keep relocating as this “thing” searches for him. It does so to a great degree by a sense of smell. The friend has advised him that if he, the blind man, should ever encounter this “thing” coming after the friend that he should remain very still since the “thing” is only after him. In the final scene, the man is sitting in the friend’s apartment in a city where the friend has gone out to get groceries after a fresh rain. When the friend returns he is panicked since he has heard the “thing” coming. The blind man heards this thing coming up the stairs and into the room sniffing and dragging what sounds like a club foot. The man hears the friend crash through the upper story window to try and avoid the “thing” and hears him hit the pavement far below. Making his way down to the street, the blind man feels around until he finds his friend’s body lying on the pavement where it fell and then lifts his head to listen. Then he hears his friend running with this “thing” chasing him. With the curse, this thing chases him even after death.

Can anyone help me with this? It’s one of those questions that hangs in my mind because I think I ought to know the answer.

Ayieeeeee! You torment me. That sounds familiar as all get-out but I can’t remember the story. This is going to keep me up late tonight.

It’s not in the either of the Del Rey paperback editions At The Mountains Of Madness or The Dream-Quest Of Unknown Kadath. Stories titles:


At The Mountains Of Madness
The Shunned House
The Dreams In The Witch-House
The Statement Of Randolph Carter


The Dream-Quest Of Unknown Kadath
The Silver Key
Through The Gates Of The Silver Key
The White Ship
The Strange High House In The Mist

Can’t find my huge tome of Lovecraft; it must be in a box still. I’ll let y’all know what’s in there when I find it.

I know I’ve read this story… it seems so familiar.

Thanks for the help! I really do not think it is a story by Lovecraft himself. It seems to me that I may have read it in one of those collections in which many different authors contributed stories that were Lovecraftian pastiches.

I’m starting to wonder if this was a Robert Bloch story.

That sure seems possible. Bloch was one of the first people I thought of. Auggh, but which story? [Tearing out hair]

I asked at the Shocklines board, and a knowledgeable person responded thusly:

The title of this particular story is “Footsteps Invisible.” It’s part of the short story collection called “Ghosts and More Ghosts,” by Robert Arthur. I have the hardcover, and have seen it for sale on E-Bay for a few bucks only. I highly recommend the collection, and can’t emphasize how underrated it is. The tales each have a unique and creepy twist. I believe this was orginally geared to a young adult market, but the stories are a bit more far-reaching than this audience. Writers/readers who haven’t read this before, take my advice and pick up a copy. The author certainly has the craft to weave a strong short story.

(I thanked him for you.) :slight_smile:

Yep, that’s it. Thanks AuntiePam! :slight_smile:

**AuntiePam **, you’re a gem! I actually lost some sleep trying to recall the name of this fershlugginer story. Now I can rest my widdle head and dream of something other than snuffling monsters. Thank you, and thanks to everyone who posted. I love this place.