Please help me identify this spider NOW with pictures

As I said before, this spider has built a really large gossamer web that is so fine as to be nearly invisible. It is not a classic bull’s-eye type web, but rather an extremely fine weaving, like a piece of cloth. The spider itself is about the size of a quarter. It hides in a crevice behind a china cabinet until something gets caught in the web. (or we throw something in.)

Another cool thing it does is, after it’s bitten and wrapped its prey, it picks up the bundle and carries it off crossways between its two hind legs. (Off to the crevice/ larder/ dining room.) Is that common in spiders?

Pictures here and here.

I opened up the first picture and immediately said “black widow”.

Does it have a red hourglass on the abdomen? Female black widows do.

My understanding (borne out by the ones I’ve found around my yard) is that black widow webs are very disorganized; not a classic bulls-eye shape, more just like random threads spread over an area.

I also opened the first picture and thought, “black widow.” They are not black when they are immature. There is also something called a “brown widow”, which is an invasive species.

Website on both, with lots of photos.

If it is a “widow”, safe relocation or death for spider is probably best.

Yes. Every widow web I’ve seen was like this. We get them in the shops. 2014 was real bad. I saw hundreds, and had to hire exterminators.

The OP stated “It is not a classic bull’s-eye type web, but rather an extremely fine weaving, like a piece of cloth.” Not sure about the second part - it’s no apparent to me from the photos.

Black widow, I say. I’d smash it, just to be safe. If it is, you don’t, and you get bit, brother, youll wish you had.

To ID things like insects, animals or plants your general location is quite helpful. But I’m taking a guess here that what you have is called a Black House Spider Spider Identification Chart - Venomous or Dangerous?

A Black Widow doesn’t have hairy looking legs.

It does resemble a black widow; but we’ve watched it extensively, and there is no red hourglass. The thing is pretty dang big, and surely mature by now.

Also, I’ve seen black widow webs, and they are nothing like this one. This spider’s web is a swooping curve of… it looks like fairy silk or something. Like those much smaller spiders make in bushes.

I’m going to go with “black house spider.” That’s a great reference page; thank you, mistymage.

His name is Spike. :slight_smile:

We have had small, long-legged spiders in our place ( mostly on or near the ceiling in the bathroom) that seem to resemble daddy longlegs, or at least my concept of that critter. ( I know the DL is not a true spider.)
In any case, the illustrations in Wikipedia suggest that these are in fact immature black widow spiders, unusual because that species is supposed to be reclusive and these are out in the open, ignoring us humans.

I live in Black Widow land, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one at ceiling height.
They like close-to-the-ground, secluded places to spin their webs.
Oh, and - I ignore them. Better than roaches, I say.

That suits them fine.