Please help me with my oven burner...

I need deep help. I am reaching out- please help me.

I cook something in a pot or pan- let’s say the burner control is at 3 o’clock. I go to turn it off- do I turn it directly to ‘off’ in a counter-clockwise motion, or take the long way around clockwise? Because you see the former option increases the heat for a moment, while the latter reduces the heat just before turn-off. The former can add up to a higher electric bill, while the latter takes more time…O M G I need help with this never-ending situation.
Not sure why I posted here- in MundaneLand- took a wrong turn I reckon.

That’s really sad, dude. I wouldn’t worry about the increase in fuel costs, it could add up to, IDK, 2 cents. Time is relative. Or use the microwave.

More time? The key to the answer is multi-tasking: remember you have two hands, two feet, ears, vocal cords, eyes, nose (smell), mouth, brain…: what else could you be doing the same time as you are turning this knob?

Yeah, I would say turn it whatever direction makes the burner turn off the fastest.

If the switch is at 3 o’clock and you want to save electricity, turn it to 2 o’clock, go back in time and get all your electricity back!!

You turn it down, then off. Not off, then down. Because switching large currents is more likely to damage the equipment.

(OK, I work with DC, but it’s ingrained.)

Doesn’t work because it’s five o’clock somewhere.

The true trick to saving electricity is to unplug the stove, then turn the knob.

I hope the OP didn’t gas himself with his stove. ‘paureallyisdeceased’ has gone quiet.

The Electricity Police are currently grilling the OP.

Safety first: Flip the circuit breaker, pull the plug and then turn the knob.

I suggest you switch from electric to gas.