Please help my friends get a free wedding!

Well, I told a lie. They’re really friends of friends. Still it would be nice of them to win. I’m sure that most of us know the huge, crushing cost of a decent marriage. From what my friends tell me about them, they’re nice people who deserve to win. Any and all support is welcomed.

url deleted by ub

All you have to do is simply click on the little box to the left of their name (Moyer-Deetjen) as you see it, and submit.

Seriously, thank you if you vote. I’m sure they’ll apreciate it. ( I know my friend will - he promised them this would be his engagement present to them if it worked! - not only do you get to help out people get a wedding, but you help people save money too! Good karma all around!)
again, its:
deleted by ub

and voting for Moyer-Deetjen.

Thank you!


Damn. I don’t know how many of you will try to vote before looking down here, but it’s possible that the site will disable the referrer.

If you’ve been unable to vote, and are still willing to give up your time to help, please just copy and paste the link to your browser window. We really want this to work.

We’re worried the other guys are using scripts to win, they’ve jumped some huge amounts recently, in very short periods of time. We’re all over as many internet communities as we can, looking for support. We’d prefer to do this properly, it is a marriage and all.

Again, thanks for your help.

Bullshit on that. These boards are not to be used to promote your personal causes.

Except you lost it all for Spamming.

Oh yeah. If I find you Spamming the SDMB again, you’ll be banned. Period.