Please help this cheapskate re-arrange furniture

…in my daughter’s bedroom. We moved into this apartment eleven years ago, when Michaela was still in a crib. There’s been a lot of furniture added since then, on an ad hoc basis (that is, every new piece of furniture we’ve acquired for her has basically been shoehorned in).

The room also serves as the office for kaylasmom, housing her computer desk and bookshelves for her Braille books and embosser. It’s getting kind of difficult to move around.

So, what I’d like to do is this: I’d like to open an online utility, enter the dimensions of the bedroom, enter the dimensional footprints of each piece of furniture, click “Submit”, and have the utility offer me one or more floorplans that will place all of the furniture in the room, so I can rearrange it from the way it is, and with any amount of luck, make it easier for kaylasmom to walk around it it and meybe even sit down comfortably at her computer.

Oh, and I’d like the online utility to be free to use.

Anyody know whether such a beast exists, and if so, where?

Thanks in advance.

Here’s a free one:

For the luddite, you can do this pretty easy with graph paper and scissors.

Ikea has a specific bedroom planner, if you click the link on this page.

It allows for a floorplan, AND a rotating 3-d view from all angles. You can fit both your own furniture in there, (just give the measurements) but can also add Ikea furniture to see if it would be a good replacement.

And remember: IKEA is good furniture for skeapkates, yet is is good quality, and very handy, well designed. You can have an wonderful entire girls bedroom for under 400 dollars. And Ikea offers on-line ordering.

My thanks to both of you.

A bit of clarification: First, I want to have the software place the furniture for me. Second, I call myself a cheapskate on account of I don’t want to plop down money for the software, not because I want to spend as little as possible on buying new furniture.

So, does anyone know of a utility that will figure out the best configuration(s) for the furniture, when I provide the dimensions?

I was going to suggest the one at but it won’t do what you’re looking for. It is very easy to set up the dimensions, though, and then just move things around. It’s how I did my whole condo last year.

No. The only software I ever paid for sucked at it, and I could never find any software that looked like it was worth paying even MORE for.

Thanks for the news, crazyjoe, for all that it looks to be bad.

So, what kind of a problem is this, anyway, topology?

Interior decorating?

space planning is what arch.,eng., and int. des. firms call it.