please help with Ipod/Itunes Problem

I’m running Jaguar, and Itunes on a G3. Yes I know that is a bad idea, but I don’t have the money to buy a new machine yet.

I also have an external drive. I try to set the preferences for Itunes so that it puts the library on the external drive. But somehow it keeps “resetting” itself so that it stores the music library on the machines internal drive, which does not have a lot of space.

This morning I plugged in Itunes and it said that it could not write to the ipod, and that I needed to use Ipod updater to restore the ipod. I tried to download the ipod updater but it said I did not have enough space on my drive.

So, I deleted the music library from the internal drive, thinking that it was just a duplicate of the music library on the external drive.

Guess what? Some of the files were somehow ONLY on the internal drive. So now I’m mad.

What can I do? I don’t think I have the resources, and doubt it is worth it anyway to go through an undelete process on the deleted music files.

But one thing I find particularly galling is that it looks like I have to repurchase some of these music files from the itunes music store. Doesn’t it have a record or something of what I already purchased? Why do I have to pay all over again to download these same files again?

AFAIK, once you purchase music from iTunes, you cannot download it more than once.