Please ID This '80s tune

I caught this soul-disco-like sounding oldie from circa 1980 that reminded me I never knew the title and artist of this song. Maybe someone in the SD can ID?

The chorus says:
“Baby take your time, do it right; we can do it baby, do it tonight.” (repeat)

OK, you 80’s trivia buffs…title and artist, please?


  • Jinx

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  • Jinx :eek:

Obviously “Don’t Pay The Ferryman” by Chris De Burgh (1982).


Take Your Time (Do It Right) by SOS Band.

You can just type those lyrics into google and the top hit is S.o.s. You get the full lyrics and a link to the bands web page.

This is not a “google is your friend” post more of an FYI.

I should hope not! Google stole the change out of my ashtray and slept with my girlfriend!

You realize that every Doper within 30 miles of Nashville just started setting that to music, don’t you?

It’s Rio, by Duran Duran.

Yes we did.

I thought it was Duran by Rio Rio.

Yup. Althought I’d always thought either Donna Summer or Ace of Base sang that.