Please ID this children's book

When I was a first grade, there was a book that was awfully popular in my school. We even devoted a day to activities that tied-in with the book. In this book, there is a hat seller who is trying to sell hats in a village. He carries the hats in a very tall stack on his head. At one point in the story, he goes to sleep under a tree. While he is asleep, monkeys come and steal his hats. Sound familiar to anyone?

Captain, it is familiar to me. I remember it, but I’ll be darned if I can tell you the name of the book. If no one knows it by Saturday, I’ll try to research it.

I don’t know if this is the whole, or correct, story, but I found this (called there ‘‘The Monkeys and the Hats’’) with a quick Google:

Looking a little farther, I found what appear to be variations on the same tale (perhaps an old African folktale):

The Hatseller and the Monkeys

Caps for Sale
Do any of these sound familiar?

The Book is called Caps for Sale by Espheyr Slobodkina.
Harper Collens Publishers.

actually, the story I remember doesn’t take place in India and Africa. The illustrations that I can remember suggest a european location.

“You monkeys you! You give me back my caps!”

That’s definitely Caps for sale! (50 cents a cap!)
I knew it very well because a sibling loved it.

thabks, Lsura. The book in the link is what I remember.

I had forgotten that book existed! Oh, now I’ll have little happy moments all day thinking about those monkeys. I loved that book. And, of course, I couldn’t have named it if I’d tried. :slight_smile:

That is indeed the book you remember. Captain Kangaroo introduced it to me as a child and I introduced it to my daughter some 16 years ago. It is a timeless classic.

Caps for sale, get your caps, 50 cents a cap, cap for sale.

And the ever popular: “you monkeys you, give me back my caps!”

A lovely book; thanks for reminding us of it.

I also love " . . . goodnight air; goodnight noises everywhere. . . "

and of course,

". . . and when the moon is on the rise, the animals all exercise. . . "

Damn, now I have to wait for grandkids to read those books again. :frowning: