Please ID this movie

During a huge brawl one character declares, “This one’s mine!” But before he hits his intended target, the guy punches him first. This happens several times. The movie may be from the late sixties or early seventies.

Could it have been a Burt Reynolds movie?

I’m remembering a similar scene from a western, and the character says "Give me one!’ meaning give me someone to punch. I googled around a bit but no joy.

Feels like “Blazing Saddles” to me.

And I meant to say, I couldn’t find a script for Blazing Saddles, but this ESL summary of its dialogue is pretty darned entertaining.

I thought I knew what it might be from, but I was wrong. Still, the bar fight scene from Hooper is damn god fun!

Paint Your Wagon?

A scene like that takes place in the John Wayne movie Hellfighters.