Please Identify This Comic Strip

It appeared in the 1950s.
It may or may not have been from the UK. Or the US.

The only character that I can remember well enough to describe is the eldest daughter (or maybe roomer), female, early 20s, redhead, wore green, & affected a cigarette holder.

Older parental figures.
Family lived in a red brick building, 3 or so stories tall.

Title may or may not have been “What A Family”, or something like it.

Strip is currently out of publication.

The SDMB can do anything, except solve the murder of Isadore Fink. (Unconnected.)
So you can do this.


There was another character named Leroy, appearance unknown.

May have been a Boarding House, rather than an apartment building.

Was it Our Boarding House?

Honestly, I can’t tell, from the tiny images.

Hunted online.

I do not believe so.

If it was Our Boarding House he probably would have remembered Major Hoople before any of the other characters.

Been poking around on Golden Age Comics blogs–so far, nothing. :frowning:

You answered your own question in your OP. Searching Google Images for “What a Family” comes up with several examples, including this one. Cigarette holder, wearing green, mentions Leroy, only thing you got wrong is that she seems to be blonde.

And here is a page that contains many of those examples.

Jeez those people were jerks.

Thank you!

Are there any published collections, that you know of?

I had never heard of it before I googled for it. According to that blog entry, though, it was never published very widely, and there seem to be only a handful of example pages on the internet (at least ones with easy to google names.) Other than the page I posted yesterday, there is this one and this one, this one in a (sparce) encyclopedia entry, and a couple of low-resolution images of original artworks being sold by auction houses. Also, at some unknown point, he died.

Seems like you’ve remembered up an obscure one with little chance of a collection being available. Probably have to subscribe to and dig through the archives to find more.

My thanks.

From the website:

They’re sort of like proto-Simpsons.:slight_smile:

I you do go hunting these down, and they are in the public domain (I’m guessing they are), do consider submitting them to or or somesuch place.