Please identify this Owen Gromme print for me

Unknown Owen Gromme print

This print is being donated for charitable purposes by its owner. The Mrs. is in charge of the charity drive, and is trying to find more info on this item. She’s been unable to match it to any prints on the Gromme website or in our own Gromme print resources. It appears very similar to one of his works entitled “Ruffed Grouse” but has one less grouse than that one and a very different background.

The photo we have is sub-optimal, I know. The owner of the print tells us the name is not on either side of the print.


I see pencil text below the picture on the bottom right, as well as a signature or something on the actual picture. Can you ask the owner what it says or get a picture of the lower right right corner?

I’m pretty sure that his signature. The penciling on the bottom left would be the number/edition run.

We’ve not been able to get the owner to supply a better photo or to read the text so far. And time is of the essence, hence the post here.

It appears very similar to Ruffed Grouse, at least as far as the birds look.

Found it, “Exploding from cover-Ruffed Grouse”

Hopefully it’ll fetch a nice price at auction.