Please join me in welcoming to the board, FL Blues Baby! Who happens to be...

…my girlfriend. Yes, that charming, witty, intelligent and very funny pianist that I mentioned in several posts. She loves working at “Howl at the Moon” in Tampa. What an INCREDIBLE job to have, to be paid to play music, be a smartass and have fun with the intoxication population!

She has been lurking for a while, (even searching for MY old posts! Egad!) and decided recently to start being active on the boards.


Vidi Vici Veni!


Welcome, I noticed in another thread that you play the piano for a living, I am impressed (read jealous) anybody who gets paid for doing something they love is very lucky.

I am sure you will enjoy posted here as much as everyone else does, and if not, what’s wrong with you? :wink:


aha! another new doper! wait a minute… stand still… yes, now stay like that for juuuust a moment…

rubs FL Blues Baby’s leg

hah! another official Cougarfang Welcome[sup]TM[/sup], brought to you by the SDMB Resident Cat! :slight_smile:

Welcome! I may actually meet you soon! I live about 2 minutes from howl at the moon! Of course your always welcome to come friday to ybor :wink:

Hi FL Blues Baby! I’m sure we’ll all come to know and love you, despite your association with that 812 person. :smiley:

You’re now a Doper. The few. The proud. The verbose.

Before it falls off the 1st page, so she will see it upon arriving.

(And thanks for the subtle dig there, Ellen! ;))

Welcome, FL Blues Baby! Hope you have a wonderful time on the boards. Now, do ya mind if I ask you a personal question? I have a friend who used to live in Tampa, and she sang at a club. I THINK it was called “1920s.” Do you know anyone from over there? Girl named Tia? She’d be about 19, kind of looked like Britney Spears?

Well hey Oi, we gotta show her how it’s done around here!

And I must tell you I see your name and think “Oyce” – like, rhymes with mice. As though you’d lengthened the standard “Oy!”

Yes, I realize I’m weird. But at least I’ve got company, in this joint.

Thanks, everybody. I just woke up (it’s a weird life working nights…) so I’m sorry I didn’t get to this post sooner.
To Sophie, Gartog, Cougarfang,Pezpunk and Superdude: Greetings and salutations.
Yes, I do play the piano for a living. (shhhhh…don’t tell anyone though. I might have to get a real job.)
Pez: I’d LOVE for you to come over and sit in. I won’t even make any drummer jokes, although it’s tempting…
Gartog: I’ve enjoyed reading your posts for sometime. Nice to ‘meet’ you.
Cougarfang: I have three fat sassy cats that allow me to feed and house them, so I appreciate the welcome rub.
And here’s a <headbut> right back at ya.
Superdude: I do not know a Tia. Must admit I do not know any singers in the Tampa area that resemble the Disneyite BS. I do, however, have a great redheaded friend who’s 5’11" and single with a teriffic talent and sense of humor that I could introduce you to. She sings at the club next to mine.
Ellen: I do have a rather, uhm, close association with 812. I’ll spare you the details…unless, of course, you folks would like to know…<raising one eyebrow, and sharing a knowing look…)
And finally, to my own dear 0icu812: You, I’ll see later.
Thanks again everybody.

Great, another doper we can corrupt and mold!!!;)(evil laugh)
Nah just kinding, welcome FL Blues Baby!

Wow. A drummer, a piano player, and I play guitar. We might have the makings of the Straight Dope Banned Band. Maybe we should steal a “band name” to use. I’d vote for either Cuntfunnel or Spermicidal Lollipop

Please do. Feel free to give her my email (seriously), or invite her to join. Sometime after the turn of the year, I’ll make it down to that area for a DopeFest.

The Straight Dope Banned Band it is. I love that name.
And da’cook…thanks, but I’m pretty moldy, uh, corrupt as it is. But I’m an overachiever, so what the heck.

Could you maybe convince your boyfriend to get an easier-to-decipher username? I only just realized it wasn’t “Oh, I see you eight twelve”.


Welcome and well met! So you’re the woman I’ve heard nothing but glowing reviews about. (O mentioned you a few times at SaraDope last spring… ;)) Glad to see he managed to get you to your newest addiction. Soon, you’ll think of nothing but your next hit of [sub]the[/sub] Dope [sub]Board[/sub]. If it hasn’t happened already. :smiley:

Btw, are you still over at FSC?

anything about my boyfriend, including his admittedly sophmoric sense of humor. (Especially since I have no clue what iampunha refers to…maybe clue me in? I am a natural blonde, btw.)

True, I am not at FSC this year. Sadly, playing music until 2 or 3 am makes it difficult to attend class(much less teach) at anytime before noon. I am hoping to work with their theater dept next year on a musical theater course, as long as it’s offered in the late afternoon. :slight_smile:

I’m off to sing for my supper. I’ll check back in on everyone at 3 a.m.

Blues, I don’t blame you there. Trying to work late and do early classes is next to impossible. I used to work at the Phar-Mor that was out by the Mall (in what’s now the deserted wasteland of a stripmall) until around 12, and then try to get my homework done for my classes, and still be up for my 8am Calc classes. Needless to say, I missed more Calc classes than I attended!

Does Richard Levine still run the theater department? I was a Theater minor when I was at Southern, and was more interested in muscial theater than straight theater. But the Theater Department and the Music Department just couldn’t seem to work together much, so I switched my focus more to theater management. (They didn’t do much with that either, though). Best of luck with being able to offer the class, though. Keep me posted on how it goes?

Welcome! Welcome, Blues. Not to worry, it sounds like you’ll fit right in here. Oh, and nom de plume aside, I’m a natural blonde myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Take his unsername apart, like so:
Oh, I see you ate one too.