Please Label These Things More Clearly In The Future

Woohoo! Saturday! Temps in the high 70’s, not a cloud in the sky, a perfect day for my brother-in-law’s annual barbeque. And let me tell you something, he brings a whole new meaning to going all out. The food spread is simply incredible, three different beers on tap in the Kegerators, the pool is open, plenty of outdoor games and activities…all you could ask for and more.

Per his explicit instructions, no one is to bring anything but a chair and an appetite, and just about everyone is happy to go along with those rules. Invariably, a few people bring a dessert or some such, and that’s fine of course.

Can I just ask one little favor of people who do things like that, though? If you’re going to bring a vodka-soaked watermelon to a family barbeque, could you please either put it on the booze table, or label it with more than a tiny sticker in the middle of a bunch of obscuring ribbons? Normally I wouldn’t care, but I’d have preferred to know that there was vodka in there before sharing a bowl of it with my 21-month-old daughter. :smack:

She seemed fine, but I’m guessing it had an effect. This was the scene a short time later.

OMG!! that’s awful! Those shoes soooo do not go with that outfit!

Probably accounts for her taste in football teams.

I see that she failed the Toddler Field Sobriety Test, too.

“Will you take nine steps around the hula hoop, yes, ma’am, that’s nine steps, just around the hula hoop, please…”

Well, at lest she was going for the lite beer. :slight_smile:

Giants fan in training.

Vodka, puts hair on chest, da?

Dude. It’s what you get for dressing her like a cheerleader.

Shame on you Hal! Don’t you know that watermelon is a gateway drug sure to lead to other forms of substance abuse later in life? :wink:

I blame it on her poor choice of friends.

You know, if she was reaching for the Killian’s in that picture, I think she’ll turn out fine.

Yeah, those watermelons are grown on that slippery slope they keep talking about.

That’s the nerdy kid that has studied how to pour a beer… and he’s asking if she’d like to go out behind the shed and play 'peek a boo… ’ :smiley:

How much did she have? I have had vodka watermelon before and gotten pretty buzzed off it! I am guessing that if you couldn’t taste any difference it must not have been that bad though.