Please recommend a biography of Edgar Allan Poe

The title says it: what’s a good bio of Poe?

I love his stories, I like many of his poems and I want to delve into his life. If the book has lots of illustrations, so much the better. It doesn’t have to be currently in print because the good people at Alibris, bless 'em, always come through with the oldies but goodies.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

If no one answers you can always do an Amazon search for:
Edgar Allen Poe biography
and read the customer reviews.

There have been 3 out fairly recently which seem at least interesting and all have had good reviews, afaik

Poe-Land (2014) by I. W. Ocker won the Edgar Award this year in their biography category

The Ambiguity of Death (2015) by Giuseppe Cafiero claims to be a surreal bio-fiction:

The Strange Man Deep in the Shadows (2015) by Charlotte Montague appears to be a more straight forward look at his life.

I’d pick the approach that most appealed to you as they all appear to be quite different.

**Meurglys, ** thank you very much! This is is terrific information. I’m going to order all of your suggestions. :slight_smile: