Please recommend a spray to stop kitten from chewing on cords

I know about using bitter apple or tobasco, but I’m sure there are other choices as well. What’s your favorite and what didn’t work at all?

This is last week’s pic, we are going to try to get new ones tonight.

I don’t want to laugh, but George’s face is saying “I will chew any and all cords I want.”

wow that ragamuffin is a ball of defiance incarnate…good luck Nice quilt by the way …

You can try Bitter Yuck. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

You sure got that in one! He also knows that he’s cute enough to get away with shit. If our VeryBadCat jumps on the table, she gets sprayed and yelled at. When George does it, we pick him up, tell him “No!” and carefully put him on the floor. This probably isn’t going to work like I had planned…

I had that issue with one chewing MacBook power cords (and only the ones attached to the transformer, so that was $80 a pop). Bitter apple and the like, no good. What did work was getting some cheap cotton yarn and basically doing a ton of basic crochet stitches on it to fully cover the wire.

Might not be a great solution for you, especially if it’s multiple cords, but if it’s one particular type, it might work.

Some of the deterrents come in a cream form, instead of a spray. They work better on cords, IME.

Just ground the kitten until the kitten learns to conduct itself properly, and finds another outlet.

This is shockingly good.

As someone almost completely done raising two kittens, I can only say don’t use a spray, wrap the cords in split loom. But buy the tool to install it, or it’s a huge pain.

HISSSSSS!!! @Qadgop_the_Mercotan

(Hubs got a charge out of your post.)

I didn’t know about the cream sort of deterrents @Sunny_Daze, thank you for the suggestion!

@elfkin477 that’s another good suggestion, thank you!

While I was looking at bitter X sprays, the first review for one was “My golden loved this stuff. He ate everything I sprayed it on, then found the bottle and ate that too.”

(I edited the above quote to omit link)
I also recommend split loom and to put any bittering agent on that disposable surface. After kitty outgrows cord biting, you can remove the split loom and not have to worry about what bittering agents on lamp cords do to carpet, wood stain, latex paint, etc over the years.

A light coating of Tabasco sauce should do it, about a dollara liter. just rub some on with your finger.

Thank you. As I mentioned in the original post, I know about using Tabasco but I guess I didn’t mention that I didn’t want to use it because it stains.

We are going for the split loom. Hubs used to be in the auto repair business and said we didn’t need no stinkin tools, so I didn’t order one. (I’m fairly certain that we will end up with the tool because hubs hasn’t worked on a car for over five years and his hands are baby soft now. He cut his thumb pulling the stem off a tomato last week.)

My recommendation (in a general sense of some sort of armored covering) as well. I had one chewer and I never found a chemical substance he wouldn’t learn to tolerate after a try or two.

Plus, it also holds up well. My one-year-old-as-of-Sunday Maine Coon was playing with a (wrapped) cord just yesterday, so they can be pretty slow to outgrow the need to be protected from their own ignorance of electricity.

I’ve never had a cord chewer, but I do have a cat that likes to chew up paper and cardboard, and a product called “Keep Off!” works for her (and me).

A little spritz does the job, and the smell evaporates quickly.

I can hijack my own thread, so I am going to do just that. @elfkin477 how much does your year old weigh? Is s/he starting to get his/her full coat? Do you have pics you can share?

Come to think of it, here we all are talking about cats and there is only one cat picture. This is just wrong, help me out here folks!!!

He’s 15 pounds, and from nose to the end of his tail 41" long

His adult coat has not really come in yet. He’s got a tiny bit of a ruff, but his fur is still baby fluffy and super prone to matting :frowning:

Here’s a link to a twitter post I made last weekend with a baby pic and 3 pics from the past two weeks (bonus pictures of his Balinese “little brother” here)

Thank you and AWWWWWW!!! What good looking kitties! Hubs said that your Maine Coon is the second best looking one in the world :slight_smile: