Please recommend an Android file manager app

I had ES File Manager until a few months ago which worked well for some years, but crapped out more and more often, and I’ve read some time ago here at this board that it’s become a security hazard that probably spies on you, so I deleted it. But I still haven’t found a good alternative. As I mostly use a file manager to exchange files between my Windows PCs and my phone, I have these (networking) requirements:

  • ability to connect to cloud services, especially to dropbox and OneDrive
  • ability to connect to my Windows 10 network
  • ideally for free, I can handle a bit of advertising

CX has settings buillt-in for Dropbox, Google Drive and something called Box. It connects to the PC by becoming an FTP server. (It also has “local network”, which I haven’t tried.)

FX has an FTP server and Windows Host (never used that option, not sure what it is.)

I recommend Total Commander which is “Free as in 'free”." Not sure if it has all the features you want since I haven’t used all on your list.

I’ve installed CX, and it looks good. I was able to connect to Dropbox, OneDrive and my local computers. And the interface is clear and uncluttered. Thanks.

I’ve found RS File Manager, which looks like a clone of ES. It works in the exact same manner. If there are any security concerns, I’m not aware of any, but I’d be happy to be corrected.

X-Plore I’ve used it 3 years. Connects to my cloud storage and accesses my optional flash card.

Includes a image viewer and plays audio & video files.

Can be used free. Donation unlocks the multimedia features.

Since the OP seems satisfied, a hijack. I like the file manager (“My Files”) that comes on Samsung phones, but my Moto G6 has the generic Android POS manager, and I can’t install the Samsung one on it. Anyone know a good look-alike clone for My Files?