Please recommend me a keyboard stand

I have a Yamaha P-120 electric piano. It came with a stand made of pressboard (I believe it’s the L-120 stand). One of the legs was damaged during my recent move, and I’m trying to figure out alternatives. I looked around to see if I could simply replace the L-120 stand, and learned that

  1. they are out of stock and hard to find and
  2. that it appears that most people who know what they are talking about say that these pressboard stands are kind of a bad deal anyway, so I’d be better off getting a real keyboard stand.

So, I’m looking for recommendations. I am only going to be playing in my apartment, so do not need anything that is particularly portable. Also, budget is VERY MUCH an issue. At the same time, of course I want something stable so that my keyboard won’t fall over.

I’d appreciate any recommendations. I live in LA if that is significant.


Duplicate thread.