Please recommend me a moisturizer

Seconding Aveeno. I like the SPF 50 moisturizer for my arms, especially the one that has hung out the truck window for 50+ years. For my head I use Harry’s balm. A little goes a long way and it keeps my scalp nice and shiny.

That’s what I’m thinking. Looking for a cheap pre-shave oil led me to baby oil which is mineral oil which is a petroleum product - as is petrolatum which is in most of the popular mass-produced lotions. I’m looking into plant-based products like Palmer’s body oil, shea body butter and the like instead.

From way out in left field – My hands always chapped in the dry winter months when I handled paper a lot, and I found a good dry-hands cream, in which Urea was the active ingredient. I thought, human urine is a natural source of urea, so lets try that. I started peeing on my hands – and it really worked. Human urine is no-toxic and sterile, so medically harmless in any way.

It certainly won’t hurt to try it. Just pee on your hands, and rub that natural moisturizer on affected areas.