Please recommend system utilities for idiots.

I’d like to get recs on the best utilities for cleaning the registry, backing up to CD, freeing up ram, etc… Can someone recommend some user friendly stuff? Thanks

Registry Cleaner is good. Backup to CD requires a CD-R burning software, I recommend Nero. Freeing up RAM - are you referring to garbage collection? I am not aware of any utility that does that.

For freeing RAM, I use Rambooster (freeware). I won’t provide a link as there are many places that provide it (just do a search). The instruction at some sites is better that others, although it is very easy to use.

I rarely have to reboot anymore.

KidCharlemagne, well it rightly would depend on what kind of computer & operating system you have…

For me, I use System Suite 2000 on W98 & ME PCs.