Please share your opinions re the Mercedes SLK models

I’m considering replacing my SAAB 9-3 convertible. Does anybody know anything about the Mercedes? I’m prolly going to buy new or no more than a couple of years old with low mileage. I’m open to all suggestions. (this has absolutely nothing to do with my birthday coming up, as I’ve advised Mr. HP–nothing at all–)

I have worked specifically with the high import group for 10 years. The SLK is definitely a “girl car”. It has no back seat, and since it is a hard top the cargo area is very limited when the top is retracted. That said, there’s nothing like it’s lines. If you think you will still need a back seat I recommend the new Audi A5 or the BMW 3 series. The Audi is the new kid on the block so there would be some exclusivity and it is a soft top so there is ample cargo space. The 3 series is iconic and carries some of the mystique the MB does. If two seated are on the board, then look at a Porsche Boxster. That will be an easy sell to most husbands.

ETA: In case it wasn’t obvious, buy German.