Please spare some prayers / good thoughts for my dog

My dog, Piper, just got back from the vet, and one of her lymph nodes is enlarged. The doctors say it could be nothing, or it could be cancer. She’s going back in a couple of days to double-check–more X-rays and stuff, I think.

I’m kind of numb and shaky right now, not really sure what to think. She’s so young–I know she’s eight years old, but it feels like we just brought her home yesterday.

I’m not sure what to do, to be honest.

Here are some good-luck scritchies, courtesy of my almost-7 and almost-9 “puppies” (we still call them that!):

:: scritchie :: scritchie :: scritchie :: scritchie :: scritchie ::

As for what to do, just give her lots o’ lovin’. Can’t hurt, might help – both of you. :slight_smile:

Dr. Scarlett67 said it best. The prescribed treatment for anxious dog owners is lots of scritchies.

Hang in there. You can’t do anything until you know more, so don’t get yourself all knotted up with worrying.

:: scritchie :: scritchie :: scritchie :: scritchie :: scritchie ::

Sending “Turns out it’s nothing” vibes your way.

Was this just a regular yearly visit or has Piper been sick? Since enlarged lymph nodes also show up for minor illnesses it doesn’t seem as though you should be assuming the worst. I’ll be thinking positive thoughts for your dog-I fully understand how you feel since I have 3 of my own and worry about them as though they are my kids. Please let us know how this goes…

I’m sending my best wishes and good thoughts to Piper, Kythereia. We’ve got 2 dogs and 5 cats, so I know exactly how you feel. We’re going through a problem now with one of our cats, and the support from the Dopers has been wonderful. I do hope everything works out for the best for Piper. Just give her all the love you can.
I’m sending lots of scritches, from my house to yours!

:: scritchie :: scritchie :: scritchie :: scritchie :: scritchie :: and lots of good vibes from Clover the dog

Sending good thoughts that it’s nothing worrisome–and that’s certainly a possible outcome. My dog once came up to me with blood pouring out of his nose and a tooth protruding from his mouth. Took him to the vet who told me it was probably a cancer that was very aggressive and would likely kill him sooner rather than later. She said we could remove the mass, and that would buy some time. Then it would eventually grow back and it wasn’t likely anything could be done.

Well, you can imagine how utterly horrible I felt and how many tears I cried. Took the dog in for surgery, where the vet removed–a bad tooth. Dog lived for many more years thereafter and finally died of old age and kidney failure.

So you really just never know. Try to live it as it comes, and I agree with all the advice about giving her scritches and love in the meantime.

Sorry to hear about Piper’s problem- I hope it turns out to be nothing at all.

Sadly, I had to put down my MIL’s beautiful Newfoundland bitch Holly last week. She was a sweet but stupid rescue dog who had lots of problems but a heart as big as her shadow. She had been fighting a recurring infection that turned out to be drug-resistant staph (MRSA). My MIL had lost three other dogs in the last ten years, and she just couldn’t face it again.

So I took her to the vet and sat with her until she fell asleep and slipped away. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, in my entire life. But I loved her and she deserved as much love and respect at that moment as I could give her. I am glad I was able to do it, and I would do it again, in a heartbeat. My dogs have showered me with unconditional love since they day we met, and I can give them nothing less in return, on the one day they really need me to be the grown up.

I post this not to depress or upset you, but to share my experience with you and assure you that no matter how much it hurts, you can do what is necessary to love her, no matter what.

Here’s a shot of our girl.

Scritches to Piper, Hugs to you! Hope it turns out okay.

Dear Haplo went through a real medical nightmare last year, and it was my fault - I missed a few Heartgards here and there and bought them from shady online sources, and he ended up with heartworms at age 16. He came through just fine, though, and is his regular frisky self. Here’s hoping that even if it is serious, it’s not the kind of serious that’s a big deal.

I can’t hug your dog but I can hug my cats in Piper’s name.

Here’s to hoping there’s a happy outcome.

scritch scritch scritch scritch

EJsGirl, I posted before I saw the link to the pic of Holly. What a beautiful dog! I’m so sorry. :frowning: Newfoundlands are wonderful dogs.

Sorry to hear your news. Sending good thoughts your way!


Hope it turns out to be nothing!! Good thoughts and many skritches going your way!

Virtual hugs and a nosey rub for yours from mine.

All my cats send good vibes.

I send skritches and a big hug for you two. Distribute as you feel necessary.

Skritches, belly-rubs and hugs. Hope it’s nothing at all. Take care of yourselves, both of you K & P.

Good luck, Piper.

Well, there’s lots of good things here. The 1st and best is that an enlarged lymph node is frequently absolutely nothing. The 2nd is that when an enlarged lymph node is something, it’s frequently just a little infection that either clears on its own or with a round of antibiotics. The 3rd is that if it is a mass, odds are pretty decent it’s benign. The 4th is that the sorts of cancer that we find through enlarged lymph nodes are generally very responsive to chemo if you want to go that route.

I know it’s a waste of time to tell you not to worry, but you should try not to worry too much. This is NOT disaster and destruction.

Thank you, all of you–I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Piper would lick your hand and wag her tail if she weren’t sprawled out in my mum’s bed right now. :slight_smile:

She’s going into the vet tomorrow, and we’ll get the results of the biopsy back next week. Until then I’m trying to stay optimistic… and keeping my fingers crossed.