Please Spoil "Mirror, Mirror" for me ***Warning, Spoilers (hopefully)

I rented “Mirror, Mirror” On Demand, but I had such a hard week, I just kept falling asleep. Somebody please save me spending another $4.99 and just tell me how it ended?

On the second try I got as far as the Queen showing up at the wedding and everybody being mad at her for not protecting them. I suspect there was a bit of a doze right before that, because none of it made sense to me. . .

Little help?


Kirk talks the Mirror Spock into fomenting a revolution.

Aw, you stole my joke.

Link to a full plot description - hope this helps!

Thanks Ferret!

Argh! It won’t load!

Heh, I thought this was about Star Trek too. So I got nothin’.

Joke? I was being serious-the OP wasn’t specific (at all) about which show or ep he was talking about.

Try and scroll down the page to the “archives” section?

Wasn’t specific? He was talking about the film “Mirror Mirror,” which was just in theaters a couple months ago, the title of which he mentioned twice.

Yep, tried every which way I could think of; I even rebooted twice. All I get is a grey marbled screen with no writing and a blank box at the top that looks like it wants to be an ad when it grows up. If I refresh the screen the ad fills in, but nothing else does.

And yes, Star Trek is maddeningly present when I try to google for other sources. That and something called “Mirror Pose Script” which apparently quite a few people need help with.

Grump gripe grumble growl.

That’s hilarious. I defintiely didn’t mean to be confusing anyone. This is obviously an episode I haven’t seen. Was there really a queen and a wedding in it as well?

That’s weird. It’s an awfully outdated-looking web design so I’m surprised it’s not coming up.

Here’s a summary:

  • Queen is told the prince was kidnapped by Snow White.
  • Prince Alcott is under the “puppy love (act like a dog)” spell and doesn’t want to be “rescued”, so after trying to snap him out of it in various ways, they try a kiss. It’s SW’s first kiss so the dwarves try to doll her up and make it romantic. Alcott resists but the kiss works and after some WTF they explain what happened.
  • Beast roars outside, SW says ‘forget the legends of the rescuing prince, this is my job’ and locks everyone in then runs out to confront the Beast. The Queen is controlling the Beast through her necklace, which it is wearing.
  • Alcott gets out of the house and he and SW run from the Beast, dwarves ambush it but it beats everyone, Queen thinks they’re all about to die and happily leaves. SW takes the necklace off the Beast and it turns back into her dad; meanwhile the Queen loses her powers and ages rapidly, while the mirror taunts her over the price for using magic.
  • Dad (the King) gets filled in on what happened, asks how he can repay them, Alcott asks for SW’s hand.
  • Skip forward to their wedding, old crone offers SW an apple as a present but says “the fairest one of all” which clues in SW that this was the Queen. She cuts up the apple and gives the crone a slice, saying “age before beauty”. The mirror shatters and the crone disintegrates. (This last bit wasn’t described clearly, sorry.) Cue much dancing and rejoicing, the end.

Bless you! thanks!