Please spoil "The Journey" for me

So this movie can’t be rented, and the only way to see it is on Turner Classic Movies, and they show it about once a year, and this year it was on last Tuesday at 3"45. Since that wasn’t a good time, I set up the recorder. Two-hour tape. Movie a little bit longer, but just a little bit.

It started rewinding at the point where*

Yul Brynner has just let Deborah Kerr and Jason Robards go, and after a long look–one of those typical unrealistic movie exchanges–they start over the bridge.

So, does anything important happen after that? I realize this is kind of an obscure movie.

*Yes, I’m using a spoiler box to describe the events in a 50-year-old movie.

Hmm, more obscure movie than I thought. I recall asking a question about this movie a couple of years ago, and that one didn’t get any replies, either.

So I will assume that the only thing I missed was “The End” and the credits.

From a post at IMDB:

The film keeps its tension from the beginning to the end. At first, we didn’t know if Diana and the other travelers could leave Hungary, because the Communist Major discovers that Diana’s friend, Paul Kedes, is Hungarian and he isn’t allowed to leave the country. The Major falls deeply in love with Diana and this is, in fact, the true reason why he doesn’t want to let her go. But after he embraces her and gives her one of the most memorable kisses ever seen on screen, and she kisses him, too, he lets her go. And the end of the film is one of the most dramatic endings ever filmed-the Major and Diana say “Goodbye!”, she arrives at the frontier with all the travelers, including Paul, while Surov is shot several times by some Hungarians, so he dies.

I saw the movie many years ago – maybe even in the theater. Yul Brynner’s performance was mesmerizing. Unbelievably charismatic.

Thanks! I read a whole bunch of the ImdB reviews but didn’t catch that one.

It really did have some great acting. I hope I get the chance to see the whole thing, including the last couple of minutes, someday.