Please spoil THE VILLAGE for me..

I’ve seen speculations on this film’s twist; so somebody please give me the true plot twist; I never get to see movies in the theatre anymore.

The “monsters” are really the elders dressed up in costumes but that’s only part of the twist. The rest is that the village really exists in modern tomes in a secluded part of the woods. The elders use the monster costumes to scare them ut of exploring the woods and finding the outside world.

“You aren’t a number. You’re a free man!” :wink:

Soylent Green is People!


Cynic, are you serious? That sounds like a rejected script from “Scooby Doo”! :rolleyes:

Well, the plan would have worked if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids.

Haven’t seen the movie, but now I wonder [spoiler]…how the village dealt with airplanes and helicopters flying overhead.

And what about when members of the village grow up? Do they get let in on the secret as well?[/spoiler]

Do we know for sure that that’s the real ending? I had an idea what the twist would be just from seeing the first teaser trailer. Then a few months ago people who claimed to know the ending started talking about how lame it was, and my curiosity got the better of me; I read the spoilers. Sure enough, the twist I guessed is apparently the real one. And it is lame.

So please, somebody tell me it’s not true, and that Shymalamalamalamalan is just pulling another hoax on us, like that cheesy Sci-Fi Channel biography. I’ve liked all his other movies, flawed though they were, and I’m rooting for him on this one.

If that is indeed the twist, then what’s the deal with the color red? The trailers says that the “monsters” are attracted to the color red.

I’m getting this stuff from internet sites like AICN, so take it with a grain of salt:

The village was started by a group of people who had lost loved ones to violent crimes. One of them was a billionaire. They bribed Air Traffic Controllors to direct planes away from what they claimed was a “nature preserve.” These became the elders, who use the monster costumes to keep the kids from running away. Red is shunned because of the fear that it will attract the attention of outsiders.

And that Dog!

Previous threads on the subject have also mentioned the possibility that the villagers are actually trees. The marks on the doors are there to tell the crew what trees to cut down.

Anyhoo my sixth sense gives this unshakable, unbreakable feeling that this movie will suck.

I asked my magic 8 ball if it would. All signs point to yes.

Movie geek scuttlebutt is that there are loggers in the woods who have discovered the village and believed it was deserted (while the villagers were hiding from the “monsters”) and that they’ve marked the houses for demolition. Mysterious yellow ribbons around trees are supposedly marking trees pegged for lumber.

If all the spoilers I’ve read here are true, then it beggars the imagination to think how stupid this film must be.

I guess Shyamalan only had one good movie in him.


I was going to see this movie tonite with the wifey. We’ve got a sitter all lined up for the three little ones.


That’s odd, because his last three movies have been really good. I’ll see The Village tomorrow. Ebert, who’s liked Shyamalan’s previous films, gave The Village a single star, so I’m prepared for disappointment. Even good writers and directors don’t bat 1.000 in the long run; Hitchcock made some stinkers too.

I’ve seen about fifty different spoilers for this movie, which suggests to me that all of them are sheer guesses.

Well? Notwithstanding DtC’s valiant attempts at leading us astra…ahem…spoiling the movie for us, how does the story go?

You see, I need to know. I’m one of those utterly useless horror-movie wimps who just cannot watch anything suspenseful without wanting to be dead. If you put Britney Spears in a white dress on TV, gave her a marginally mournful soundtrack, and asked her to say “Boo”, I’d jump out of my skin and fall over. That’s how pathetic I am.

However - and this is the bane of my existence - I have a morbid fascination with horror and suspense. It’s just so darn interesting and involving, no?

So I have to find out what happens. I’ll probably never watch the movie, but I’ll feel immensely happier for having known the story (however silly it might eventually turn out to be). So help me? Spoilers?

aankh This movie is nothing to be scared of. The fact that a gift somebody gave you years ago was cursed, and that all this time your reflection has slowly been getting stronger, and that soon it will claw its way out of the mirror and kill you so that it can finally be free, the fact that it gets stronger everytime you see your reflection whether in a mirror, a window, a pool of water, or anything else, the fact that one day, one day soon, it will have the strength to escape the mirror and come for you, that is something to be scared of.

Well, Ebert says that the twist is extremely lame:

You sick, evil bastard! I got goose bumps reading that!

::adds name DocCathode to head of list of people to be haunted if evil reflection gets me.::