Please stop being repetitiously redundant. (A mild rant)

I know I should just let it go, but when I hear the newscaster speak of “the legacy (blank) left behind” (as if legacies are other than left behind), the traffic person say someone is “heading south-bound” (because if he just said “heading south” or “southbound” we wouldn’t get that progress in a certain a direction was being suggested), or the weather person state without a hint of embarrassment that the temperature is “now currently 65 degrees” I want to scream!

Then there’s the commercial for an asthma preparation that is “already pre-mixed.” I once had a teacher of pastel painting who constantly said “also too,” as if either “also” or '“too” alone would not convey that he was adding something.

What common redundancies irritate you? Or am I the only one neurotic enough to take any notice?

Don’t even get me started on, “really, really.” :smiley:

Isn’t the phrase “repetitiously redundant” sort of guilty of this in its own way?

Now, now.


Not exactly a redundancy, just a nitwit thing to say. Charlotte Church…

Um? I’m trying to picture any of the grownups I know feeling that a teenager was condescending to them–trying, and failing utterly.

And as long as I’m sitting here browsing the Beeb, yet another nitwit thing to say. “Former cabinet minister Mo Mowlam has called for the legalisation of all drugs - including ecstasy, heroin and cocaine…” and she opines:

Yes, Mo, that’s right, we’ve only had the problem of drug addiction for the last hundred years or so… :rolleyes:

Jim and I were just discussing this the other day, when I went to get some cash money from the ATM machine, just after we finished discussing how the AIDS syndrome may or may not be linked to the HIV virus. Then we went to buy a CD disk, which I’m also able to play in my PC computer.

Heard in a bar this weekend:

“We had to give the cops the VIN number…”

“PIN number” also annoys me.

Mount Fujiyama.

Corrupt politician.

There’s a poster on the boards somewhere whose location tag says “inside the ATM machine.” It annoys me every single time I see it.

My father once said he had to stop and get cash from the “automatic ATM machine.”

“This race car is a NASCAR stock car.”

That’s kinda the point, son.

Did you use your PIN number at the ATM machine?

She promised a free gift to anyone who wold kill the great big huge spider behind the hot water heater in the store full of old antiques. :stuck_out_tongue:


I wold. I would, too, but I’m too fat to fit behind the hot water heater. :o

I hereby bestow the title(s) of Pedant(s) of the Week upon Desertgeezer and all of his fawning advocates.

As I head off to the ATM machine!!!

How about “Mexican Food Restaurant”?
Doesn’t “restaurant” imply "food "?

The Avon River.

“Right now at this point in time.”

Don’t you mean ‘fawning acolytes’? :wink:

As an added bonus, how about the line from wooden psychology lecturer that woke up his students with the welcome request:’ And now let me finish with one final conclusion.

Last night, the news referred to a five-year-old child. As opposed, one assumes, to those five-year-old adults you see around all the time.

From another thread, that is not really worth linking to …

“He was an atheist who didn’t believe in God.”

You should take this up with the Department of Redundancy Dept.