Please stop loading everything with green chile

I miss green chile.

My ex and I once made green chile ice cream with moi, that_darn_cat and a couple of other friends for my ex’s birthday. It was far tastier than it had any right to be.

I also make killer rellenos - even when I screw 'em up.

I need some green chile in the freezer. I am sad now.

Though, yes, I must concede to NinjaChick that if it’s not expected or it’s explicitly stated that the chile is not wanted, it sucks to find it. (I hated green chile while I lived in New Mexico - it was only after moving away that I realized what I’d been missing out on.)

It is. It’s made in bulk in a college cafeteria, so…you know. College cafeteria food.

It’s not that I don’t like green chile - I’m not a huge fan, but it can sometimes add that certain perfect something to food. I’m juts not fan of blech green chile on every. damn. thing.

Also, I’m convinced that part of it - the pizza part - is just because Santa Feans must try to ruin pizza in every way possible. Seriously, if it’s got sesame seeds and green chile? It’s not pizza! Other than possibly that weird red flaky stuff, pizza does not have any form of peppers on it!

But it’s all good, 'cuz the Phillies just won the World Series, and so the only bad thing in the world is that I’m not home in Philly right now screaming and celebrating with strangers down Broad Street.

Bah! It’s not green chili. It’s green chile. Who would want to eat chili? Texans, that’s who!

Who would put green chile sauce on pizza? I would, that’s who. But you wouldn’t (and probably couldn’t, at most places) order it that way.

Grants is awesome, I lived there for 18 years. It quite possibly could have been El Cafecito, if it was in Grants and not Gallup, as that little cafe is pretty awesome.

I passed by the sign to your college on the way to the gym today, and I realized two things. First, as you just mentioned, it’s bulk prepared, which means it’s probably made by a company with a worse reputation than Bueno (although their Autumn Roast is actually quite good). Second, I’m guessing that more people ask for it than people that don’t want it, so it’s easier for the people that don’t want it to speak up than the other way around. There’s a guy that has a burrito trailer on the way up the Hill, we always have to ask him for extra because he never puts enough. I think he’s practicing reverse psychology on us. Also, he calls them wraps instead of burritos, so who knows.

You’re right about the absolute weird pizza combination, but you’re wrong about green chile not belonging on pizza. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoah, I heard it here first!