Please stop loading everything with green chile

Aramark, who provides food service for this little desert college I go to, puts it on everything. Pizza? Sure. Quiche? Why not! Your Monday-morning made-to-order eggs which you specifically requested no green chile? Absolutely. Cream of broccoli soup? More like cream of green chile soup! Pasta? Oh, yeah, who doesn’t want the fine taste of green chile in their otherwise-bland-but-vaguely-alfredo-esque sauce?

Seriously, for the love of god, stop it. Green chile belongs on things where normal people may consider putting red salsa. Normal people would not put salsa in their cream of broccoli soup or on their pasta or pizza, so please, stop doing this.

205 days until I can leave here forever and go someplace where they don’t consider seasoning things with green chile the state hobby*.

*I was going to say sport, but I think that’s drunk driving. sigh Oh, New Mexico.

And at that point, you will do what I just spent last Sunday doing: driving all over town to find green chiles that have a bit of heat to them, meticulously roasting them 3 at a time on my tiny little chile roaster thing, peeling them, dicing them, and making your own green chile because you got a hankerin’ for it and goddamn it nobody in your stupid little town in the north has any idea what you’re talking about and you MUST HAVE GREEN CHILE NOW.

My husband grew up in New Mexico and he feels your pain. He doesn’t like green chiles, and he swears they put it on everything there.

When he moved here to California, everyone insisted he would miss the food. And so of course he likes Southern California Mexican food better than the chile-laden stuff he left behind!

I, of course, love the food, and relish eating it when we visit. We of course don’t visit for years at a time, though!

I disagree. Strongly. But perhaps that’s because I put red salsa (never heard it specified as red) on just about everything when I don’t have green chile. Hot dogs, burgers, rice, etc. Maybe not on pancakes every time, but I can’t say that I haven’t.

X2 :stuck_out_tongue:
Green chilis are proof that God loves us, and wants us to be endorphined.

I love green chile! I love living in New Mexico, too.

I can understand being upset when you order something a certain way, and it isn’t prepared that way. That can be very frustrating.

But I love green chile! I think it goes very well on pizza. And in quiche (just enough to give it a hint of that wonderful flavor). And on cheeseburgers! Mmmm, green chile cheeseburgers! And in breakfast burritos!

They’re just getting you inured to the idea of having green stuff in all of your food so that you won’t notice it when they replace it with the alien mind control fungi.

MMMMM Green Chile Flavored Fungi! I cannot get enough. When I moved the family from Albuquerque to Chandler one of the first things I put in the truck was my freezer full of green chile. I am truly afraid of running out and every time someone from NM comes to visit they pay for room and board with bags containing glorious NM green chile.

NinjaChick, I just want you to know that I emailed my husband your OP, and he replied back “preach it, sister!”

Although with everyone else’s replies so far, you two might just be the only ones.

Green chili is PEOPLE!!

I’m still getting used to the whole green chili thing. It tastes ok and is a decent substitute for salsa but man they put it on EVERYTHING. I’m with you if someone ignored me about putting green chili, the sauce not peppers, on my pizza I think I would freak out.

Good G-d! If I ever have to go to New Mexico I’m going to have to carry all my food with me. Green Chilis are loathsome.

Oh, HELL yeah!

Thank Og I have family in the Four Corners. I dream of bowls of green, and bought a chile-only freezer so I could survive the unenlightened areas of this marvelous country of ours.:smiley:

Oh, gawd, it’s not even Halloween, and the Good Freezer is only 3/4 full. I’ll never make it to July 2009.

BTW, inspired by your whine, I made Broccolli soup with green chili for supper tonight. The raison d’etre of Broccoli soup has been justified.

Eat your green chile- there are people in Pittsburgh who’d love to have it.

I’m making tuna mac tonight. I wish I had some green chile- I bet it would be good with some green chile in it.

Ah, we lonely few who have some taste.

There is a time and a place for it. There are also times when I feel I should fall to my knees and beg for a reprieve. No more green stuff, please.

I have three big ziplock bags of roasted green chilies in my freezer to last the winter. Only problem is I used to have four and it was 76 F today. They may not make it 'till New Years.


Now I want green chili!

Ain’t been in NM since 1997, but, when I worked in Cimmarron, there was this GREAT little gut-truck that I’d go to for lunch as often as I could. damn good burritos with green chili!

To this day, I remember a meal I had in New Mexico in about 1981.

It was in Grant or Gallup, I can’t remember which, and it was a nondescript coffee shop/Mexican restaurant. I had green chile pork tamales, and they were the best tamales I ever had. They were slender and the cornmeal coating was thin and moist and tender, rather than dry and cakey. They were stuffed with tender shredded pork and liberally coated with heavenly green chile sauce. I’ve never been able to achieve a chile sauce like that despite trying. There must be something in the soil in New Mexico which makes such tasty chiles possible.

So your OP inspires in me a craving for the good stuff, which was not your intent, I know!

Even one of the pitiful teeny cans available in grocery stores everywhere will make tuna casserole palatable. :wink: Good luck.

It must be crappy chile. My wife makes the best green chile, man, you can eat it right out of the pot. New Mexico style. Damn, I’m hungry. Shit. Now I wan’t some pintos and bacon. Curse you, NinjaChick !!