Please, stop me before I buy some more!

Okay. I now realise that I’m pathetic. I just ordered all of my favorite 80’s Duran Duran albums on CD. Now I’m looking at Cutlure Club and Cyndi Lauper.

Someone please stop me before I seriously consider the Twisted Sister and Billy Idol. Arrghhh!!! :eek:

Do any other of you 30 somethings find themselves buying old favorites? Jonathan Chance? Anyone? Anyone… Bueller… Bueller…

Nope, sorry, can’t help you. If I could, I’d be right in th’ buying-spree with you. I miss the 1980s music. sniff

I can’t stop you. But I can sell you Duran Duran posters, Duran Duran trading cards, and a Duran Duran jigsaw puzzle!

Of course I’m older than you - I don’t have to buy these things, I already own them from way back when.

I will give you a tip though - don’t buy CDs like this new. There are plenty of used ones available.

Don’t forget to stock up on Flock of Seagulls, Dead Or Alive, Howard Jones, Tears For Fears, Eurythmics, The Smiths, and Wham! (Exclamaition point their’s, not mine.)

Also, be sure to get the Arcadia CD.

I’m right in the middle of trying to decide whether to buy all the Pet Shop Boys stuff.
Can’t knock some of the production values from the 80’s.

It was only last Saturday when the SO needed a copy of a song from tape to CD, so I pulled Cyndi Laupers Money Changes Everything out and man … the production value is HUUUUUUUUUGE. The song sucks, but you gotta love the sound.

Yes, I’m pathetic too.

Go down to your local Used CD store, & buy up compilations. Lots of them.

Cheaper, & it works for me.

Well, I don’t know how old you are, but I own the orginal tapes from way back too. But my copies have deteriated and are unfit to listen too. (I’m 33 btw, working on 34)

I picked up Arcadia as well. (loved that album)

Did I hear my name?

Theios, I have loads of ‘best of’ compilations. And I had literally hundreds of LPs from the 80s.

Now take a look at this…

I picked that up not 2 hours after I discovered it was available.

Good music is where you find it. Keep an open mind and you’ll end up with a music collection that bemuses your friends…like mine!

That’s a pretty good compilation, but it’s not a real compilation, since it doesn’t include that quintessential 80’s song:
Money For Nothing.
I mean, how can any self-respecting compilation of 80’s music not have that song??

Licensing fees, buddy. Licensing fees.

Rhino will release any compilation if the original rights-holder doesn’t want a fortune.

Why else release Mr Misters ‘Kyrie’ instead of ‘Broken Wings’.

I love Rhino. I truly do.

Sorry, I left 30 somthing awhile ago…
I’ve almost completed my Jethro Tull collection on CD and I’m looking at a Led Zeppelin collection…

Does that count?

Jonathan! How could you do that? Now I want that box set. I think I listened to snippets of over the half the songs. Oh the memories… Shame on you. :slight_smile:

Just last week I ordered Paula Abdul -“Forever Your Girl”, the soundtrack to the movie “Fame” and Roxettes’ ‘Look Sharp’ from Looks like I’ll be placing another order soon. I really can’t afford the $100 bucks the box set costs.

So to answer your question Theios - yes - I seem to go through phases with wanting/buying 80’s music. And apparently I’ve just entered my next phase. (I’m 32)

BTW - John Taylor was on my ‘famous people I would do’ list… :smiley: So I already own most of the Duran Duran cd’s.


Damn, JC. That’s a nice box set you’ve found there. How am I supposed to resist these things? When does my income tax return come back? I feel a spending spree coming on!

Bring it on!

I plain couldn’t resist it when I heard of it. I’m just lucky the local Best Buy had a copy.

Was it $100 there too?

Yeah, but they make you buy an extended warrenty on the box… :slight_smile:

I wasn’t planning on getting the extended warranty, but then the sales person made the point that it could break…

I think I paid $90 or so for it.

But, hey. I’m an ‘instant gratification’ type of guy.

Theios…you can borrow it if you want.

A little off topic, but I just have to share:

A few weeks back VH1 was doing a whole weekend of its program I Love the 80’s (or somethiing like that), and I got hooked on it. I missed the first episode, but I’m watching 1981 (when I was just barely 21) and I’m remembering all the songs, I saw all the movies, I remember the fads, the scandals, the TV episodes. Can pin point where I was when I first heard some of the songs. Ditto for '82, '83, '84. Round about 1985, a few songs are a bit hazy, I remember not seeing a particular movie because it was too “high school”, but basically, I’m still in the know, this was my time. It was 1987 that did me in. By the '87 episode, I’m remembering why I hated that song, that the movie was just too stupid for words and that the actors/actresses were boring. I didn’t know it at the time, but in hindsight, it should have been obvious–I had slipped out of the demographic before my time. Suddenly, I wasn’t the young adult so attractive to advertisers and retailers, I’d moved beyond pop culture. I only wish that there had been some ceremony to mark the transition, to make it more definite–finding out about it via a VH1 marathon, it diminishes the journey somehow . . .
Now Journey–that’s the band to get on CD. And Styx and Kansas, and Genesis before Phil Collins and, and . . . I’m showing my demographics again, aren’t I?

Ooooh. Kinda like my own little 80’s CD library, just down the road. I might take you up on that offer some day. But you’ll have to let me do you a favor in return. I’m weird like that.

I get you. I’m the same way.

I have (literally) a few dozen 80s compilations.