“Please, tell my parents you’re from France.” Fictional couples who have to hide

the fact that one of them is from “Beyond.”

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John Carter went to Mars, and met the lovely Deja Thoris. However, to the best of my memory, he never had to take her back to earth, introduce her to his parents, falsify I.D. cards, disguise or explain away her skin tone so that they could get married, or so on.

I was just watching the video for a-ha’s song, Take on me. It occurs to me that after that song ended, the girl in it will have to do the same kinda things for her comic-book boyfriend. This makes me think. What other books/movies/plays, or music videos either have protagonists struggling to explain away there otherworldly partners, or at least will eventually have to deal with it? It doesn’t matter how brief the scene was. I would also love it if you could give a little detail, please. Oh, and if anyone has ever come across any well-written fanfiction dealing with the same issue, I would enjoy hearing about it.

Dang, I thought this was going to be a thread about the Coneheads.

The engineer from Galaxy Quest came home with an alien woman(who wasn’t even humanoid unless the hologram was in place). She joined the cast of the revived “Galaxy Quest” show as “Jane Doe”.


Well, there was “Uncle Martin” in “My Favorite Martian”, but that doesn’t work the way unless Bill Bixby’s and Ray Walston’s characters are gay.
Maryam d’Abo and Joseph Cortese in Something is Out There

Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen in Starman

There are lots of examples in SF literature. I think that F.M. Busby did a great job of this in “Cage a Man”

I suppose Cain had a lot of explaining to do when he brought home his wife. :slight_smile:

Mork & Mindy.

Lois & Clark.

Well, at least a picked a girl his parents already knew.

The first example that immediately comes to mind in my head is Kirk and Spock in Star Trek IV, though they weren’t married or anything like that. IIRC, they had Spock wear a headband and they told everyone he was Chinese.

In Ah! Megamisama![ (Oh, My Goddess!), Belldandy poses as a trasfer student, and she had a few close calls where her true nature is nearly exposed. With a little magic, however, everything goes back to normal. (Apparently, she has some sort of stupefying field so that people don’t wonder what the heck she’s doing with those odd markings on her face.)

Ahh, you mean the Someone Else’s Problem field :smiley:

Another anime that works like this is the various incarnations of Tenchi Muyo. In the Tenchi Muyo movie, various alien women have to pass themselves off as students, teachers, staff etc. at a Japanese high school while they hunt down an interstellar criminal mastermind of some sort (Tenchi, for his part, had to hide in the bushes a lot). None of the people involved are married, though most of the women on the show want to snag Tenchi as a husband.

Darren just told Samantha not to use any magic (but she did it anyway).

It looked like Tom Hanks was going to have to hide the fact that his girlfriend was a mermaid, but in the end they moved in with her folks, so it became Madison’s problem.

Kim Basinger and Dan Akroyd in My Stepmother is an Alien. I recall there being a dinner scene in this movie, but I am happy to be mistaken. I’ve only seen it once.

Also, Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum in Earth Girls Are Easy. She takes the three aliens (one of whom was played by Jim Carrey if I am not mistaken) to a beauty salon (perhaps the one she worked at?) to make them look more human. It worked, apparently, and these aliens were also, apparently, quite attractive. There followed extended periods of getting it ooooooon.

Also, slightly less sticking to the original point, April Oneil had to pretend the four Chinese Swordsmen were just “outtatowners” in TMNT3: Turtles In Time.