Please tell this newbie where to go to ask what is acceptable ?

It says in the PIT. If you gotta flame, do it here. ZENSTER said “WERE you to do something, I will do something” I do not feel this is a threat. I do not feel believe this is a hijack of a previous thread… Although, an english teacher may object.

Well, according to the mods, it is a threat. So don’t say something like that to another poster.

Look, don’t worry about it too much. It’s almost impossible to “accidentally” get yourself banned. The mods are very liberal with the warnings. There are only two things I can think of that get you an instant ban with no prior notice: threatening to hack the boards, or signing up under two different screen-names (other wise known as creating a sock puppet). Other than that, don’t be a jerk, listen to the mods if they tell you you’re going out of bounds, and don’t stress about it.


A lawyer might, too.

“If you cross me, I’ll cut your throat” is a conditional threat. It’s still a threat.

“Pay up, or I’ll burn your business to the ground.” – Threat.

Miller offers good advice.

We’re not walking a tightrope, here-- more of a broad boulevard with a deep ditch on either side. The mods will usually devote quite a bit of energy into keeping you out of the ditch unless it becomes very clear that you aren’t interested in going anywhere else.

Don’t let it bother you when some of us correct your grammar. SDMB is about fighting ignorance and we are all ignorant about various things. Especially if you are good with language, and someone spots a flaw in what you’ve written, you are somewhat likely to be corrected. It just goes with the territory of participating in a website that is several notches about the norm.

I usually only correct if someone is getting really smart-assed, but while the subject is up, always capitalize the word English. :smiley:

I hope that you have fun here and can release the need to control. If you can, please tell me the secret of letting go.


Nope, not always. Per

I abject.

I think differently, in both instances. Re-read the registration agreement if you’re unsure of what’s acceptable, and also all the stickies at the top of each forum. Also, when you get warnings from mods, HEED them. Apologizing and then doing the same damn thing all over again gets us pissed off.

I’m closing this thread, we really don’t need TWO threads about why Zenster was banned.