Please to send $400,000 so I may release funds for you

Where were you when you were needed? If that spammer had started with you, this would never had happened.

(I’m kind of amazed people are still falling for this. Never underestimate the power of stupidity.)

You know the old joke:

So here is the sucker who bought the million dollar pencil, or in this case lost $400,000 to those pesky Nigerians.

Really?!? They knew a relative by name so you figured, “Why not?”


More likely she became obsessed with not being proven a complete fool.

I don’t really wish to bag on the woman…too much. But this is financial Darwinism at work, for sure.

Man, that’s a special kind of dumb right there.

And who’s fault is that? If he divorced your stupid ass, you’d deserve it.

Christ…two years she sent money to these people and never caught on? Despite being told otherwise?



When I first saw the Nigerian scam, my reaction was along the lines of “Hey, I know lots of naive and greedy folks are out there. Some of them are really, really stupid as well. But no one is dumb enough to fall for something as obviously fake as this.” Completely wrong.


And don’t forget greed.

One would think that being stupid enough to fall for this and being able to acquire $400,000 would be mutually exclusive,

One would think.

Maybe I’m just too smart to be rich.

I’ve merged the two threads.

The standard reply should be, “Send over the money minus your fees.” If they can’t do that, they’re scammers. Really obvious scammers.

I have just a small comment here. Stupidity does not, in fact, have any power. It represents a lack of power. Power in this case would have come from intelligence, guile, and knowledge. What had power over this woman was cupidty.

How on earth could she have emptied her husband’s retirement account without his consent? He would have had to sign a release and get it notarized for every withdrawal.

Not hard at all if she were a joint tenant with right of survivorship. Which doesn’t seem unlikely, as it makes inheritance easier to deal with.

I must make a mental note to pay slightly more attention to what officials at my bank beg me to stop doing.

I mean, really. I feel sorry for anyone else this woman has inconvenienced, but any system has only a limited number of safeguards.
If you really are dumb and determined enough to bypass all the safety interlocks, you really can microwave your own head. And when you do it, what you deserve is a microwaved head.

Actually, lady, what this means is that you still don’t fucking get it. Dumbass.