Plug a mouse hole

I have a mouse problem. Mice are getting into my home by chewing through the putty-type stuff that surrounds the hole for the condenser hose of my air conditioner. Replacing the putty isn’t an option as the mice around here are very industrious. Neither is stuffing the hole with metal scrub pads. They’ll just drop down the wall space. Besides which, they aren’t very insulating.

The hole is much bigger than the hose, almost two inches across for a 3/4" diameter hose. Is there some kind of metal plate or cone that I can place around the hose and attach to the house? I don’t know if what I am looking for exists, or if it does, what it’s called. Please help.

I don’t know but with things like that I often take picture of what it is on my phone and go to the giant Home Depot like hardware store in town and show the people working there and tell them what need and they come up with ideas and help.

That is a great idea Sputnikkk. Thanks!

You could just cut a piece of sheet metal. Circular hole in the middle, and a slot to it. Bend the sheet to open the slot and fit around the line set. Screw it to the wall, under the siding, if you have siding that can be lifted away to do so.

Otherwise, fill the hole. Not scrub pads, but extruded metal lath. Concrete caulk over that.

Don’t use pads - go to a hardware store and get bulk (loaf) steel wool - tease it into a single rope and use that rope to plug the hole.

Don’t give them something they can tunnel under or dislodge.

Permensoe, I thought about that but I can’t think of a way that I can have that look professional. The plug needs to go outside the siding where it is visible.

Buy a 2" washer with a 3/4" hole.
Buy JB weld.
Cut washer in half.
Glue washer back together around hose, then to wall.
Clean off excess glue.
Mix JB tubes together for 3-4 hours.
Form putty around washer, hose, hole.
Wait a day, caulk.

You can do that for both sides and fill the space with expanding foam.

Kill the mice. Trying to block passages is a losing battle, they will keep finding new ways in or if they can’t they’ll still make a home in the ac unit.

New mice follow the trail of the old ones in. Killing the mice won’t stop the new ones from getting in.

My exterminator says steel wool is easily chewed through, although it’s better than nothing, fwiw.

Have you tried expanding polyurethane foam?

Use foam and expanded metal lath. Be careful when you work with it - it is very sharp once cut.

Right, expanded. Not “extruded.” :slight_smile:

Something like this escutcheon or flange might work. The hole is 3/4" in diameter and the overall diameter is 2". It looks like it’s two pieces, so it can be placed around the hose. And I’m finding others that are one piece, but are split so you can fit it around the hose.

Cam in to see Dewey beat me to it.

Make sure you run a bead of exterior caulk around the edge and you’re good.

Dewey Finn, that is what I’m going to try.

Okay, mice have chewed through the putty, chewed through expanding insulation, and have been able to push metal scrub pads out of the way (they fall down the concrete blocks).

After much online searching, I found the hinged flange that Dewey links to. I went to HD and got a bigger one, with a 1" hole. Unfortunately I need the bigger hole because there is a second, smaller tube running next to the first one. It also is a bigger ring so I shouldn’t have problems attaching it to the masonite siding.

I will empty out the old, stiff, crumbly putty and insert newer putty that should be harder to chew. Then, I will cover it with the hinged flange and attach it to the house. I will caulk any remaining hole space. And I’ll put the whole thing on my list of stuff to be examined fall and spring.

Thanks all for your input!

1/4" Wire mesh. It cuts and forms easily.

Get a cat or two. End of problemo.

My cats have been wonderful mousers. However, two of the three passed away this year and the third is too old to care any more. I’d love to get another but plan to sell the house in the spring so behooves me to not do so until then.

I do have some of that and am thinking I will incorporate it in my new plan.

Okay, so the hinged flange idea doesn’t work. But only because the hole is too big for the flange. I am contacting a metal worker I know in hopes that he can create two small metal sheets that to surround the pipes that I can attach to the masonite. Wheee.