Plumbers/HVAC: Wide Weep Bends?

Can someone in plumbing or HVAC tell me if there is a definition for a “wide weep bend”? And, if so, what minimum bending radius for 1-in refrigerant pipe should be maintained when bending 90 degrees? (I assume it’d be the same for even a 45 degree bend, correct?)

  • Jinx :confused:

I’ve heard of wide sweep bends, e.g. larger radius, and ells used for venting of high efficiency furnaces with a condensate drain fitting, but not weep bends.

A wide sweep bend is usually used for waste water and drainage piping to minimize blockage by waste.
Use a bending tool for 1" copper tubing. It should be made to provide the correct bending radius. :slight_smile:

IIRC, the minimum radius for a bend in refrigerant tubing is 6 pipe diameters. So 1" pipe requires a 6" radius bend.