Plumbers or Contractors: What's a Fair Price...

…to install a shower/bathtub combo, a toilet, a vanity sink and a sewage ejector pump in a basement?

The details:

  1. Plumbing is already roughed in to a pit with a can, the 2" and 3" pipes are already roughed in under the basement slab. Vent for the ejector pump is roughed in close to the pump. I have also purchased the pump, check and ball valve for the pump.

  2. I have purchased all of the fixtures.

  3. The only materials that would need to be provided is the CPVC tubing and connectors, toilet flange, etc.

  4. Hot and cold water supply is either right overhead or within 10 feet (will install a new tank-less waterheater) of future bathroom.

  5. Other items necessary such as wiring, framing, tiling, etc. are provided by other contractors.

What’s a fair (ballpark guesstimate) price for that work?

I know that geographic location will affect the cost of labor, but I’m in rural Georgia, and I wouldn’t expect labor to be especially high.


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