Plymouth(MA) Selectman Bagged In Internet Sex Sting

Well, another of those loathsome humans has been arrested-45 year old, West Point graduate, and father of 4 got nabbed-he was expecting to hook up with what was described to him as a 13 YEAR OLD GIRL!
Along with him, 12 other men were caufgt at a Burger King parking lot-the men ranged in age from 19 to 56. My question: where do such people come from? Is there any respect for children left?
As an aside, the selectman tried to claim that he was investigating the crime of on-line solicitation-guess that one won’t fly!
What a revolting side of human behavior! :frowning:

What I want to know is whether there are any 13 year old girls out there on the internet who are not actually FBI agents?

Sure there are. They just don’t hang out in pedophile forums soliciting older men for sex. I mean…sheesh. Don’t these stupid sex offenders read the news? If a youngster on the Interet wants to have sex with you…IT’S A COP!! Use your fucking HEAD!

BTW is there a link to this story or what?

I am 13 and I’m 4 real. Would u like 2 meet me in the Burger King Parking lot and then go have sex?


The head on your SHOULDERS. Not the LITTLE head. The little head is the one that’s going to get you arrested.