PMR anyone?

PMR is the TLA for polymyalgia rheumatica, an immune mediated disorder that periodically causes flare ups of severe pain, primarily in the hips and shoulders. (TLA is the three letter abbreviation for three letter abbreviation)

My first experience with it was 15ish years ago. It affected my shoulders and made it painful to reach up. Even washing my hair hurt. Putting away dishes was nearly impossible. I had no idea what was happening, then it went away.

A few years later I had my hips flare up, causing me to walk funny and to have excruciating pain at night. At its worst I had to sleep in a chair.

My recent flare up involves my hips and shoulders. After a couple of nights of poor sleep, I took some Tramadol last night and was out like a log.

I’ve discussed this with my son-in-law who is an MD. He consulted with a Rheumatologist and discovered nothing really new in the treatment of this disease.

Any other sufferers out there?

I have nothing helpful to add, but let me be the first here to say “Damn! That sucks!! Here’s hoping the flare-up dies down soon.”

Funniest thing that happened with this flare up.

Texted my daughter (nurse) asking if she or fiancé (MD) had any breaking news on PMR, my sweet daughter replied, “I’ll ask Matt, I don’t really do any geriatric work”.

She then replied ten minutes later apologizing for the was she put it!

Hi Jerry! :wink:

Now that’s adding insult to injury!