PMR- "Performance-Mod 'Mika's Ride" (Forza 4 content)

I’ve been trying to entice our own Aanamika to join the SDMB Stigs Forza 4 club, so just for fun, I decided to race-mod a Honda Fit, her real-world car, as a means of enticement…

I think it’d be interesting to see each of our interpretations of how we’d mod her car…

The tracks we should use are;
Top Gear test track
Fujimi Kaido
The full Nurburgring
Benchmark high speed oval (max. Speed)
Do one lap of each, first in a bone stock Fit, then in the completed race modded car…

Benchmark lap times (TGTT)
Kia cee’D (current Top Gear Reasonably Priced Car); 1:47
Mark V VW GTI (closest equivalent to my real car); 1:34

Bone stock lap times, Honda Fit Sport, Class E, 212 PI (I’m driving a manual model);
TGTT; 1:45
Fujimi Kaido; 11:32
Nurburgring; 11:48
Benchmark speedway (max speed); 120

Next post will detail the modded Fit

Modded Fit specs;
“A” class (one below Supercar class, four below Race Spec class) PI of 595
376 HP, 296 TQ
0-60; 4 seconds
0-100; 9 seconds
Skid pad 60 mph; 1.04G
Skid pad 120 mph; .97G

Stock motor with supercharger and intercooler, rear wheel drive conversion and all other race mods installed
TGTT lap time; 1:24 (just nipping at the heels of the ghost car, a Shelby Cobra 427!)

I’ll run Kaido and the Ring tomorrow, had a long day at work and I’m tired

Oh and the 'Mikamobile is now in the club garage, hope you like orange, 'Mika :wink:

Challenge accepted.


TGTT: 1:43.986
Fujimi Kaido: 11:01.708
Nurburgring: 11:13.571
Benchmark (top speed): 120

I’ll be back to post my upgrade stats later.

So I did an engine swap, turbocharged it, put a front spoiler and new wheels on it, and upgraded it with all the bolt-ons. I did not do a drivetrain swap, however, so it’s still FWD. Unlike MacTech, I go for max rating and then back off from that rather than incremental build-ups from stock. So, without further ado:

Modified S/695 Fit

TGTT: 1:19.395
Fujimi Kaido: 9:25.843
Nurburgring: 9:24.477
Benchmark (top speed): 200

The upgraded car benchmarks are:
0-60: 5.314 s
0-100: 10.421 s
Top Speed: 207.7 MPH

Ridiculous. Even more so when you actually drive it. That car is not designed for what I did to it. On the Nurburgring it spun massively twice at very high speed, simply snapping over. On the Top Gear track it kept pace with a Carrera GT. Fujimi Kaido was a handful and a half. It launched for shit, spinning its wheels and making a whole lot of smoke for the first 50 feet until it bit. The best part? It spun the tires through all 6 gears. All of them. Amazing. And outright silly.

Modified A/595 Fit, STOCK engine block, no motor swap, no race aerodynamics (adjustable spoilers), original anti roll bars, no roll age, but all other mods;

Manual transmission, and no nannyware either, traction control, stability control, ABS, racing line all off, simulation steering and tire wear/damage

Kaido; 10 minutes dead
This was interesting, the Fit seemed to get floaty at around 100 mph on the first few straights, and got VERY squirrelly above 117 mph, even though I hated to do it, I HAD to put the adjustable spoilers on for the Ring…

After the spoilers, the Fit ran the Ring in 9:58! All on the stock, but heavily upgraded engine block!

This amused me yesterday. Thank you, MacTech. :slight_smile:

Lap times around the Top Gear test track;

Doors’s Mikamobile; 1:29
This setup is MASSIVELY FUN!, I had a huge grin the whole time, I almost spun it on the exit of the follow-through but I was able to save it, I DID have to feather the gas the whole way though, and there was definitely understeer in the sharpest corners, and since it was front wheel drive, I couldn’t blip the throttle to kick the rear end out to compensate

My Mikamobile; 1:24
Yep, 5 seconds faster even though it’s less powerful, I tend to focus on handling first, get the chassis dynamics under control, minimize understeer and deliberately increase oversteer, then I make it faster, the biggest difference I noticed between our two. Tuning philosophies was that Doors’s “power and speed at all costs” tuning profiles feel livelier and more fun, but they have a nasty desire to try and bite back, my “balanced handling at the expense of top speed” tuning may be less fun, compared head to head with a speed at all costs tune, but the car is more controllable

The same corners that Doors’s tune understeered on, I was able to give a quick blip of the throttle, break the rear end free, and slide through the corner, saving me crucial seconds, thanks to my rear wheel drive swap, and the supercharger having instant power when needed with no turbo lag

Now, if only Doors and I could combine our tunes, the sheer fun and power of his tuning, with the precise handling of my tune…

Don’t take this The wrong way, Doors, I love your tuning setups, far more fun than mine, they just tend to be a tad squirrely

…now all we need to do is get 'Mika on a 360 with a copy of Forza 4 and find out which tune she prefers… :wink: