Pms - I Hate You!!!!!!

The older I get the more you dig your dirty little fingers into my soul, gnawing deeper and deeper until I ultimately give up and let you have your way with me.
I can’t beat you without taking some kind of drug that I have no desire to take. So I live on, month by month while you practically destroy any hope I have of living a full 30 days free of sadness, depression, anger, minute-to-minute mood changes, suicidal thoughts, and the endless blues, blues, blues.

I hate to say that I look forward to getting older, but when that day comes I can’t wait to see your evil spirit smashed to bits so I can kick each and every part of you into a fiery pit of flames and watch you burn.


I hear you.

Today, I burst into sobs over someone’s response to something I wrote on the board.

I ran into my bedroom to be comforted by my cat, and when he jumped off the bed all mean-like, I started to cry harder.

I thought about taking the knife from on top of the refrigerator and plunging it into my neck.

Later, when I finally got the email that I’ve been waiting all week for, I felt like the happiest person in the world.

I’m PMSing big time.

:: quietly knocks on the door…peeks her head in:

Can I come sit with you all? I think I qualify. I had a dish of ice cream, and 2 rum and cokes, and some Aleve for dinner :smiley:

Well, at least you are nice enough to become suicidal. I, on the other hand become homicidal. I feel that everyone around me should die, die, die when I am doin’ time in hormone hell. Fortunately for them, I am usually feeling too miserable to actually carry out my evil fantasies :wink:

This book is the funniest thing I have ever read on the subject. And book with a picture on the cover of Joan Crawford weilding an ax gets my vote.

I almost started crying today because of all the shoes in the shoe store. I don’t know why, all those shoes sitting there just made me want to cry.

Shut up you two! I don’t wanna hear any more about frigging PMS! Do you have to remind me of it. I am sick and tired of this… I mean, why does it have to be me? And why do I have to be the one with the messy, painful, unconfortable, and some times embarrassing periods? Why? Why? Because if there is a God I know he hates me… Everybody hates me… Or maybe it is that nobody loves me… my life is so miserable, all the bad things happen to me… [sobs] my life suuuuucksssssss… [/sobs] Hmmm… Chocolate, I am so happy!

Two words:

Depo Provera
:: aaahhh::

I have never had anything resembling pms.
I know you guys don’t mind me saying that, you love me, right?

um, here’s some chocolate!
don’t hurt me :slight_smile:

Sheesh, we seem to have at least one of these threads a month oh wai…
Anyway, is getting on birth controll really that bad? Why do you nt want to take it?


I’m gonna tiptoe in here after Muad and ask…

What’s the best way your SO can handle a girl with serious PMS?

ps. I already know three or four dozen of the WORST ways to handle it…

Me, too.

I honestly wonder if I would have made it to the age I am now without it. I think I’d be dead or in prison… or both!

Oh, so that is what menopause is for to kick PMS into the firey pit of flames to burn…
…that must be what is going on during those hot flashes and night sweats?

Oh the fun.

Wow, I’m really offering up a hanging curve-ball here. I just want to offer you one shining light in your PMS. You’re not the man that has to live with you. I know you’re in a shit mood and can’t help it, but they’re your hormones. Us guys have nothing to do with the physiology, but we get the brunt most of the time. Think of our mental health!

Oh, and I always bring chocolate. :wink:

It’s perfectly fine if you like lying in bed for days in pain and if you like spending a day or two each month yelping at random intervals due to pain.

If you mean not, see above, and see “major mood swings” also.

Fuck chocolate, bring pain medication, implements for a do-it-yourself hysterectomy, and keep the hell out of my way. (I’m not demeaning those who have had to have a hysterectomy for medical reasons, I’m just repeating the phrase I use oh, once a month or so.)

It depends. Some people get on fine with it. Others, like myself, can go through all the different kinds of birth control pills/patches/injections that medical science has to offer and still not find one that works well with their body. Hence, we just have to put up with PMS.

Getting on birth control isn’t so bad. It only totally flattens my libido and makes me into a PMSing homocidal, rage-filled wench all month, instead of just a few days of moodiness (that tend toward the teary end of the spectrum, not the bloody mass murderer end of the spectrum) each month that I get without hormonal birth control. I can tell you how much my husband likes living with me when I’m on the pill!

My PMS is notably worse when I’m on the pill – at least, it’s more intense, if not as long-lasting. But it’s not enough to make me get off of it, I just have to be aware that I’m going to be way out of it for most of a week.

I also get more cramps, though they’re not bad. Funny, that, since a lot of women get put on the pill to control bad ones.

If birth control was the answer to PMS we’d all be on it, I’m sure. But it’s not.

Same here. I never had real PMS until I went on the pill, then after a few months I was like a wounded couger for about four days out of the month. It doesn’t help that at the same time, I’m also the horniest I am out of the month, too.

My poor boyfriend…

(me): “Gahh, don’t touch me! Why are you breathing so loud? Get me ice cream!
I love you, you’re the best boyfriend ever! You’re on my side of the bed! The TV’s too loud! Now I can’t hear it…grrrrr…
you wanna have sex? NOW!”
oddly enough, this usually elicits a “yes” response…probably because post-orgasm me is far more docile and eager to please.

I normally do not get bad PMS, at least of the psychological variety. But I’ve been stressed lately, and I think this exacerbates the impact of hormonal fluctuations.

Mua’Dib, I have considered birth control, but the horror stories (non-stop bleeding, weight gain, mood swings, etc.) have scared me off.

Birth control is like any other medication - it’s more effective for some and less for others. Some people don’t have any real side effects; some people get them all. I actually did much better with my PMS while I was on birth control. It’s too bad that I currently reside in the Land of the Uninsured, and can no longer afford the pill. (Fortunately, I’m also in the Land of the Unintentionally Celibate, so I don’t really need it. Although I’m not sure that’s so fortunate either.)

I actually thought the OP wasn’t talking about birth control when she mentioned pills, though. Apparently, women with severe mood changes during PMS can now get a prescription for anti-depressants, should they want it. And assuming the side effects for those don’t hit them too hard, either. So I thought that was what she meant. Birth control makes more sense, though.

No, you’re right. I wasn’t thinking of birth control pills when I wrote that. I was doing some research on severe PMS and I read a lot about Zoloft and antidepressant meds.

I did take the pill when I was young and I haven’t thought about taking it again. I will definitely be doing some research on Depo Provera though.

Feeling a bit happier today but then again it’s only 7:15am :wink: