Pockets on Men's shirts

At the risk of answering my own question…why on men’s shirts if there is only one pocket is it in the left hand side of the shirt (over the heart area)? Is it because we live in a right handed world?

**Bonus question:Is there a place where I can get “left handed” shirts? **

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Probably because of righthanded tyrrany. Some shirts have two pockets, but I don’t recall ever seeing one with just a pocket on the right side. Ned Flanders might sell them.

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the right hand access makes sense. there is a thread somewhere about one hip pocket trousers or wallet on the left somewhere. Also picture wearing a jacket over the shirt,since the left lapel is over the right it is easier to slide your hand in. There is a thread about the button side too, keep the sword hand warm, protect the fair lady on your left and all that, best man on the right on and on. I got a pair of boxershorts with a pocket what’s that for?

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sorry, forgot the most important reason. It’s so when you get shot the bullet will be deflected by the pocket bible your dear sainted mother just sent you.

Pocket Pool?


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I have heard that the reason men’s shirt buttons are on the wearer’s left side is because they were fashioned after the types of shirts that wealthy men usually wore…who were dressed by their servants. Thus the buttons would be on the servants’ right hand side.

Yes, the shirt pocket on the left would be for right-handers. I don’t see that it matters on pants of any sort which side only one pocket might be placed.

Men’s shirt buttons are on the right side of all my shirts.

I have to jackets, one from Hong Kong and the other, I think, from Taiwan. They both have their zipper runners captive to the left side. This tends to really bug me, a right-hander. Aren’t most Chinese also right-handers?

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Er, sorry about that. Reverse what I said previously.


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