Podcasting, audiobooks and the ipod.

I have a few questions about podcasting and audiobooks on the ipod.

Are audiobooks included in the music library when you select shuffle all songs in the ipod(4g)?

I want to be able to put pod-casts other long spoken word mp3 files onto my ipod without it coming up when I decide to shuffle all my songs.

If audiobooks indeed don’t come up, then anyone know of a good encoder for it?


Well in my iPod (3G) they do, but i hadn’t upgraded the software to include the audiobook section.

I cannot speak for the audiobook menu item because I have yet to use it but I do have a bit of spoken word and audio books on my ipod, I just created a separate playlist (or 3) in itunes and then when i shuffle I make sure to select the playlist that has no “talkies” on it.

If i do a regular shuffle from the “all” playlist it does include the talkies.

Do you mean audible.com audiobook files? They do come up in the shuffle. But if you don’t want that, you can just create a playlist that includes everything except audiobooks and shuffle through that.


Thanks scr4.

I find it extremely annoying that the shuffle option shuffles the entire ipod and not the playlist I was in. For that matter I find it extremely annoying that picking a song through any means other then the playlist(which can be upwards to a few hundred songs…) exits my damn playlist.

Oh well, thanks. Question answered.