Podcasts and downloading

I just read on BBC news where Apple has software to let you find other peoples podcasts.

Since podcasts may likely contain music I never purchased, how is this allowed?

What am I missing here? Shouldn’t the RIAA and their ilk be going ballistic over this?

There are some podcasts that obtain permission from the artists in question. The CBC Radio 3 podcast, for example, does this. Other podcasts will only play brief excerpts from the songs in question. Most of the podcasts I’ve found through the “official” iTunes method follow one of these two methods; and that’s among the small percentage of the featured podcasts that are actually music-oriented. (The majority seem to be news & talk shows on various topics.)

Of course, there are also slightly less kosher podcasts out there, and you can use iTunes to subscribe to them as well (although it’s not as simple to do so as it is for the featured ones.) I would assume that the RIAA takes a dim view of this, but since the software used to download the podcasts has non-piratical uses as well, the Betamax decision would apply. (IANAL; the preceding is harebrained speculation.)

Podcasting is generally used for radio show-type content. The whole point of podcasting is to not need to be at your computer to recieve live broadcasts. Most people doing podcasts are creating their own content, to which they of course own the copyright.

I should probably reword that. Podcasting is an alternative to live broadcasts for episodic material.