Podee Tips and Tricks?

We have a Podee bottle system for the car. We tried to use it when Tink was about 4 mos, but had little success. The formula would go back down the tube between sucks and it was frustrating for him to try and get it back up to the nipple.

I’m thinking about giving it another go today. Anyone here used a Podee successfully? Any tricks to the siphon system? Does it help if the formula level is at least a certain level when it begins? Position make a difference?

Any engineer or siphon guru with siphon tips in general would likely also be useful.

In order for a siphon to work the liquid to be siphoned has to be above the end of the hose (the nipple in this case.) So it seems to me it should work fine as long as the bottom of the bottle is at least as high as the baby’s mouth. Looking at the picture I’m not sure the tube is long enough to make that practical. another way to make it work would be a anti-siphon valve on one end or the other of the tube, but I don’t see that in the picture either. That would leave just letting Tink figure out how to swallow without releasing the vacuum(somthing you probably do every time you use a straw) it shouldn’t take too long to figure this out as I have never seen a kid that couldn’t figure out a straw. Although you might have a annoyed/gassy baby on your hands while they are learning.