Be cool.

Novel and movie as well.

It don’t rhyme.

'Twasn’t nuff thyme.

Be thee.


I wakened from a gentle nap,
To read your poem, it was…

Now, Dammit, I need a word that rhymes…


Playing a random array of open notes on a cello

And life

Forum choice
eludes me

My rule.

Now that there’s a genu-wine pome.

(Ain’t got no idea why ah’m talkin’ like a hick. Per’aps ah’m jus’ bein’ cool.)

The universe

The unique verse

Well rehearsed.

Commentary By Julius Caesar Upon
The Unfortunate Incident Of His Assassination
By Brutus At Their Encounter At The Forum


A Gift of a Thistle
I have no idea what’s goin’ on here!