Ok, what’s the deal with Poinsettias? I’ve seen conflicting reports, i.e. they’re not poisonous/they are/only some parts are poisonous/they’re only poisonous to pets… I frankly don’t want to experiment on myself, and the county took away all my pets, sooo… whats the deal? My good old army survival manual says to stay away from plants with milky white sap, but beyond that I haven’t got a clue…

Not toxic (although they are not nutritious and taste bad) if you believe this site (that concentrates on humans):The Facts About Poinsttias

Minimally toxic if you accept this site that mentions pets: Christmas Plant - Univ. of Purdue)

Don’t have a site for this at the moment, but have been told by a poinsettia farmer (what is the proper term for someone who mass-grows flowers?) that they are mildly toxic, but many plants would have to be eaten for it to be a problem.

From the worlds largest Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) grower (“Grower” is the preferred term for folks who grow plants in greenhouses) : http://www.ecke.com/html/h_corp/corp_pntcare.html#poison